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POSITION SUMMARY: This position serves as the gateway role into the Health Support Specialist career ladder. Under the supervision of a licensed nurse, provides personal assistance and care to residents of the Health Care Center according to medical Care Plan. Performs various personal care activities and supportive professional services to meet the needs of residents in accomplishing activities of daily living. Duties involve personal grooming, oral care, personal hygiene, providing nourishments, taking and recording vital signs, incontinent care, etc. Reports unusual conditions, such as changes in resident behavior or appearance, to supervisor. Maintains documentation of nurse aide duties every shift via the electronic record.

QUALIFICATIONS, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL REQUIRED: It is important that the incumbent be able to deal effectively and sensitively with Village residents in meeting their particular needs and have the ability to recognize and respond to the needs of Health Care Center residents. Must pass the nurse aide skills evaluation after employment and annually thereafter.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Incumbent must be able to communicate verbally and in writing in English and be able to understand instructions given in English. Is expected to perform most duties with direct supervision and exercise limited independent action to meet the requirements of the position. Must successfully complete various pre-employment requirements and comply with all provisions of the Air Force Village employee handbook.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Required: High school diploma or equivalent. Must be current on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. Enrollment in the Air Force Village Health Support Specialist apprenticeship program within 120 days of employment. Demonstrated competence in the area of non-professional resident care. Preferred: Previous long term care experience is desirable.

TRAINING: Required: Must be current in having attained the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) necessary to meet licensing requirements. Must be willing to participate in continuing education programs to include Health Support Specialist apprenticeship program.

Preferred: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification.

EQUIPMENT AND COMPUTER OPERATIONS: Uses simple items of equipment (belts, weights, supports, etc.) to assist and insure the safety of residents. Takes and records vital signs (respiration, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, weight), using appropriate professional equipment. Operates various equipment in support of residents' personal care (lifts, mechanical/electrical beds, scales, bath tubs, wheel chairs, etc.) Training is provided to ensure the incumbent is familiar with equipment used.



1. Transfers and positions residents, using proper lifting techniques and equipment.

2. Performs routine duties to meet residents' personal care needs. Examples include personal

grooming, bathing, feeding, oral care, incontinent care, making beds, etc.

3. Takes and records vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, weights, etc.)

and reports unusual readings to supervisor.

4. Responds to signals from the nurse call system (bells, lights, etc.) to determine

resident's needs.

5. Complies with doctor's orders within scope of responsibilities (turns residents at times

directed, applies/releases restraints as required, measures and records intake and output,

etc.). Informs supervisor of any adverse change in resident's condition.

6. Attends in-service and continuing education sessions, etc., as required.

7. Practices proper infection control procedures.

8. Assists Health Support Specialists in duties to include ancillary housekeeping, dining, and

laundry activities.

9. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.


INTERNAL CONTROL: Within the scope of position duties, responsible for seeing that operations are effective and efficient, assets are safeguarded, and applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures are complied with. This position will handle confidential information and must treat such with appropriate sensitivity.

PHYSICAL/ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS: The physical demands of the job include requiring heavy and frequent heavy lifting (50 pounds or more). The lifting involves repositioning and transfer of residents who may be unable to move on their own. Must be able to push an occupied bed and occupied wheelchair a few hundred yards unassisted and be able to bend, squat, reach, and climb. Must be able to make regular walking rounds of the Health Care Center. Must be able to communicate clearly to ensure directions given or received are properly carried out. Will walk approximately four miles per shift and must be able to respond to emergencies in outlying cottages and work areas. In a normal eight-hour shift, the employee will sit 1-2 hours, walk 4-7 hours and stand 2-7 hours. Work is performed indoors in a climate controlled facility. Because of the Health Care setting, the use of chemicals and cleaning products is carefully controlled. There are very few environmental hazards, although the threat of communicable disease exists.

ATTIRE/DRESS CODE: Prescribed nursing uniforms/scrubs are appropriate for wear. Safe shoes, with closed-toe and non-slip soles are required. Must maintain a neat and professional appearance at all times while on duty. Gowns, gloves, safety belts and other items of protective clothing are worn, as needed. Must adhere to the Air Force Village uniform/dress code policy.

RANGE OF PAY: Dependent upon qualifications and experience, with the intent to be competitive within the market.