$14 - $15 / Per Hour
$1000 medical costs
24 days ago


St. Marks United Church of Christ of New Albany, IN is hiring a Custodian to maintain our Sanctuary and Education Building.

St. Marks is a diverse fellowship of Christians from many traditions with a strong emphasis on our Mission to Reach Beyond Ourselves. This includes a weekly Soup Kitchen and Clothes Closet as well as an annual Neighborhood Health Fair.

This Custodian position is part time: approximately 30 hours a week with additional time needed during certain annual Mission events and religious holidays. The position is responsible for cleaning and minor maintenance of the Sanctuary and the Education Building. The pay is $14-15 per hour depending on experience. A Medical Expense benefit of $1000 is available for insurance premiums or out of pocket medical costs. The Custodian will report to a designated Trustee however he/she will interact with Church members and guests in a positive and cooperative manner.

Job Requirements:

  1. Valid driver’s license
  2. Minimum 6 months janitorial experience
  3. Must work Saturdays
  4. Pass background checks
  5. Be able to lift 50 pounds.

Basic responsibilities:

Clean the Church and Education Building including classrooms, offices, and restrooms. This includes but is not limited to: empty trash cans in all rooms, vacuum carpets, clean/wipe tables, clean interior windows and glass in doors as needed. Arrange chairs and tables neatly. Clean elevator floor. Clean/dust window blinds. Buff floors. Change all light bulbs that are accessible and report outages of any lights in the buildings. Clean toilets, urinals, countertops, faucets, sinks, and mirrors. Mop floors. Empty trash cans and sanitary disposal boxes. Refill toilet tissue dispensers.Change air filters as scheduled. Vacuum rug mats, inside and out twice weekly. Pick up trash outside around doors, steps and walkways twice weekly one of which must be Saturday afternoon. Set up and take down table and chairs in Fellowship Hall. This will happen several times every week.

The Kitchen cleaning duties include: Clean refrigerator coils and exhaust fan filters (4 times a year). Clean convection oven as well as the microwave, stove tops. Clean drip pans. Decalcify ice machine and replace the water filter once a year.

Seasonal Expectations include supporting our Health Fair and Harvest Homecoming Fundraisers by setting up tables for Flea Market, assist in bringing in donated materials, help with set-up for Food Booth and Christmas Shop, assist with getting materials out of storage, assist with take down and clean-up.Assist with set-up of special decorations and displays during Advent, Lent and Easter.

The Custodian will track and order all custodial supplies, evaluate worn or damaged equipment to determine need of repairs and report same to a Trustee; keep the van gassed up and take it for maintenance/oil changes, help with Snow and Ice Safety issues; be attentive to safety hazards and security problems and alert a Trustee; accompany inspectors and repair people as needed.