$13 - $16 Per Hour

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Job Purpose:
Fill Steak Slicers/pack sliced meat

* Shape pieces to be sliced to fit into slicing machine.
* Visually inspect uncut product for excess fat, bone pieces, surface gristle.
* keep 4 slicing machines filled and adjusted for optimal slicing and maintain product quality
* if a packer is present, keep them supplied with product to pack
* if no packer is present 2 machines will be used and employee will both fill and pack
* keep work area clean
* fill raw product bin with product to be used next and remove empty carboard from production area
* visually inspect sliced product for excessive fat and/or gristle/bone
* pack finished product into boxes at given check weight and place in appropriate pattern on pallet for shipment
* at end of production day, complete a full washdown of production area.

Job requirements:
Must be able to tolerate standing and working physically in a 40'F environment during work hours.
Repetitively handle 10lb - 20lb weights and frequently handle up to 90lb boxes (50lb avg)
Must be able to follow policies for safety and quality and maintain prompt and regular attendance

Other Important Job information:
Typical workday is 10hr Monday - Thursday, 6:30am-5:00pm . Fridays are OT unless 40hrs haven't been worked by Thursday.
We offer a production bonus of $0.03/lb after quota . Once fully trained, bonus varies between $100 and $300 per week.