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San Ramon, CA


Data Analyst (Python & Power BI) 



  • Responsible for download images to NAS (internal storage).
  • Run Data QA, organize, timestamp, GPS coordinates, Perform the following data validations, log data.
  • Replicate Data in NAS, log data delivery, organize.
  • Prepare Data Image uploads, manage data load process, log completed actions.



  • Intermediate to High level of Python experience. Modify existing python scripts, and in time, write new ones (data frames, GIS, cronjobs, executables, script automation, etc.).
  • General DB knowledge, with specific experience working with PBI.
  • Intermediate to High experience w/ Database and SQL Knowledge (understanding how to: shape data, clean data, process data, normalize data, data warehouses, create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), primary & foreign keys, joining tables, data modeling, etc.).
  • Intermediate to High experience with Power BI (understanding automations, gateways, data processing, GIS, visualizations, forecasting, data modeling, DAXX language, aesthetic design).
  • Advanced MS Excel.
  • Strong analytical capacity, demonstrated knowledge of math, statistics.
  • Strong communication skills, writing skills, and able to clearly communicate complex data topics to others.


Location: San Ramon, CA (onsite)

Duration: 9-12 months


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