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Boston, MA


To realise our digital transformation, we need to transform our products, experiences, processes, technology and how we operate. Delivering our clients unrivalled experience of exceptional service, value and flexibility is part of our DNA. We are looking for a person to provide the passion and the drive to coach and enable teams and groups to deliver high quality business and customer centric outcomes within our Digital Products Team.

The Agile Master Coach will be change agent with a passion for coaching and empowering teams. As a knowledgeable and experienced coach, you will work with large Tribes, comprised of multiple Squads to help build and reinforce the Agile mindset and embed Agile principles in day to day work. You will also work to embed this Agile mindset at the highest level of the organization, to shape, drive and lead agile initiatives and ongoing operations to maximize business impact.

Agile coaches will ensure cross-functional collaboration; ensure key stakeholders are engaged as needed; establish the MVP mindset and approach; check that backlogs are being prioritized using value-focused KPI’s as criteria, etc. You will be a thought partner to Product Owners across Squads, supporting them in identifying solutions to obstacles as they arise. You will regularly assess the organization's Agile maturity, which will inform your coaching and development approach for each Squad. You will help strengthen Agile practices and playbook, and be a champion for Agile culture and behaviors

You will be a leader in the “new way of working” and promote Agility principles and practices primarily at all levels of the organization, also providing input into enterprise Agility initiatives. You will also be highly skilled in communicating with diverse teams, quickly understanding group dynamics and not being afraid to raise issues and drive change to remove impediments from teams.

In addition, you will also collaborate with the Agile CoE in order to help to improve the Agile Playbook, develop agile knowledge and continuously adapt agile ceremonies and ways of working to the organization, based on its maturity level.


Among your responsibilities, you will:

  • Enable the Organization’s new ways of working
    • Modelling behaviors to support the organization’s transformation to a new way of working
    • Actively creating and maintaining the culture within Squads and Tribes, based on the organization and Agile leadership behaviors
    • Helping embed the “nervous system” of the new way of working (e.g., cross-functional collaboration, etc.) within your Squads and across the organization
  • Provide coaching, support and guidance to influence Agile culture and behaviors
    • Delivering hands-on training and coaching of individual Squads in lean and Agile frameworks (e.g., Scrum, Kanban)
    • Bringing a continuous improvement and "MVP" mindset to the Squad’s work
    • Reinforcing the right culture, behaviors, and mindset within your Squads and also across the organization, based on the organization leadership principles
    • Assessing senior leaders in adopting agile ways of working
  • Enable Squads to realize their mission and deliver on their KPIs
    • Helping to anticipate and resolve potential blockers (e.g., resource constraints that prevent the Squad from doing its best work)
    • Ensuring that Squads and Tribes are interacting with dependent stakeholders effectively (e.g., with Senior Leadership, Tribe Leads and Product Owners)
  • Assess and enhance Agile maturity of the Tribe
    • Observing and engaging with Tribe leadership and individual Squad members to identify opportunities to improve Agile performance
    • Providing training and resources to equip Squad members with management practices to enhance their Agile maturity
    • Providing ongoing training to new Agile Coaches