Director, US Admissions Consulting

Crimson Education


30+ days ago


Want to take charge of the largest team at Crimson, a Kiwi founded, Ed-Tech start up rapidly expanding across the globe? Want to be a part of a high-performing innovative team pushing the boundaries on what we can deliver? Want an interesting role with lots of room to grow and learn? We are looking for a student obsessed leader with a passion for education.

The integral role of Director, US Admissions Consulting oversees customer experience across a variety of Crimson programs, by:

  • Training key staff and overseeing the delivery of Crimson's flagship product - US and UK admissions services
  • Ensuring the seamless delivery of engaging program experiences in this product vertical that facilitate world-class student outcomes and incredible customer satisfaction
  • Providing access to leading services, content & curricula that supports the programs and teams delivering them

This is a full-time position, with the ability to work in one of our many offices across the globe or remotely.

What are the main responsibilities of this role?

    • Managing Crimson's international network of Strategy Consultants through its next stage of growth, helping drive better student and department outcomes
    • Charting the path for Crimson's proprietary Strategy curriculum, working closely in concert with Crimson's CEO, COO, and other department leaders to ensure its program provides life-changing differences for students
    • Working closely with Crimson's Service Development team to optimize the customer experience for Strategy clients, taking responsibility for customer success at all stages of the client journey and the outcomes that they receive
    • Leading and growing an international team of ~70 to accomplish all the goals listed above, while creating an attractive work environment to recruit further talent as needed
    • Dialoguing with other department heads to ensure that the Strategy function fits into the objectives of the remainder of the wider Service team 
    • Collaborating with the marketing and sales divisions to customize programs for prospective clients and ensure the continued health of Crimson's overall business
    • Supervising the recruiting and hiring process for all members of the global Strategy team, creating a rigorous screening process 
    • Other tasks as needed by Service leadership team

    What skills and experience are required?

      • Top-notch management abilities to effectively direct and motivate large teams
      • Analytically sound judgment to make big-picture decisions for the department off of a mix of quantitative and qualitative inputs
      • Cultural familiarity and fluency for cultures around the world, with the interpersonal skills to work with employees from many different backgrounds
      • A reasonable understanding of the US and UK application pathways to be able to opine effectively on strategies to increase customer success
      • Excellent communication and organizational abilities to process various workflows
      • High learning adaptability to pick up all the skills needed and work with a team spread across five continents
      • Advanced interpersonal skills to problem solve in high-pressure and stress situations.
      • High-quality project management skills to ensure balanced execution of long-term strategic initiatives and consistent achievement of quality control KPIs

      About Crimson
      New Zealand-based Edutech company Crimson Education was founded in 2013 from the idea that through personalised education, we can transform students into the world leaders of tomorrow. Since then, we have rapidly grown a mission-driven team who are dedicated to building the education system for the 22nd century. Our network includes 2,400 tutors and consultants worldwide who work with over 20,000 students. Our tech platform connects tutors and mentors to high school students aiming to achieve admission and scholarships to top universities in the US, Canada, UK and beyond. 

      We are looking for an excellent leader, who is not only passionate about building the education system of the 22nd century but who enjoys developing themselves and their team in a fast-paced environment. If you're curious about education and ready to make your stamp - please apply! 

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