Xenia, OH
30+ days ago


Dog Care Technician

1st Shift: 8am-4pm
2nd Shift: 4pm-12am
3rd Shift: 12am-8am

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE JOB: This position is responsible for providing quality care of the dogs and puppies housed in the kennel at the main building or at the puppy house.


Duties may vary from day to day.

  • Sanitation/Maintenance

    • Clean and disinfect all the bowls used for feeding the dog each time the dogs are fed and refill the bowls for the next meal. Clean and disinfect the water bowls daily.

    • Assure that the Spot Cleaner is doing their job appropriately and that the kennels are free from urine and feces, as well as the walkways being clean and clear of junk.

        • Make sure laundry is switched in a timely manner to keep the laundry flow moving and prevent a piling up of dirty laundry.

        • Maintain the Dog Care Kitchen in a pristine condition.

        • Make sure there is plenty of BilJac thawed out and that bags are dated and not used after the date expires. Make sure the food bins are filled and WASH the bins between refilling them.

        • Report maintenance problems or repairs to the supervisor.

      • Dog Feeding:

        • Appropriate feeding including, but not limited to preparation and dispensing of food to kennel dogs and puppies, including special diet feedings.

        • Knowledge of specific diet needs and the preparation of special diets.

        • Awareness of signs that indicate a change of diet may be required.

        • Record keeping of feeding requirements.

      • Sanitation/Maintenance

        • Clean and disinfect kennels, exercise areas outside, the walkways around the indoor kennels, the kitchen, and the laundry room.

        • Report maintenance problems or repairs to the supervisor.

        • Moving dogs from their kennels to outdoor runs and back into their kennels.

      • Dog Care: Provide quality care and a safe environment to kenneled dogs and puppies including, but not limited to:

        • Reporting a dog or puppy in distress.

        • Assist in emergency first aid, would treatment, tests, and exams.

        • Grooming, making sure the bather knows when dogs need to be bathed, have mats, or need their nails trimmed.

        • Noting the dogs weight and whether they are too thin or too fat.

        • Making sure walk dog and pen dogs are getting quality time outside not a 1-2-minute walk.

        • Provide behavioral correction for barking and maintain a quiet environmentProvide behavioral correction for barking.

      • Other duties as assigned by supervisor or department

      • Work cooperatively with the Dog Care Tech Leader from the other shift(s) to assure the dogs needs are met 24/7.


      • Ability to perform several tasks concurrently, time management and good organizational and communication skills.

      • Ability to lift 65 lbs.

      • Ability to work, standing or walking on cement for extended periods of time.

      • Ability to restrain active dogs weighing up to 110 lb.

      • Ability to work different day and weekend shifts.

      • Ability to complete necessary paperwork and meet deadlines.