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We are Atlantic SR LLC we are a staffing agency that mainly deals with full time jobs. No matter where we place you that job will not be temporary or seasonal its full time and up to 40 hours a week.

This job site will be Metra Electronics they mainly produce after market car stereo kits also dashboards and Entertainment centers in vehicles.

There are different departments at Metra the molding department, packaging paint and shipping.

The Molding Department is the only department that runs 24 hours through out the day there is a first shift second shift and third shift. the pay rage in molding ranges from $8.75 to $9.25 there is a shift differential per shift.

The Paint Department the is where all the pieces and parts for each product gets painted there are paint booths and a dip machine in this department. The payrate in paint ranges mainly on positions and experience which can range from $8.75 - $13.00.

The packaging Department is where all the parts are bagged into its specific container. in this department the pay rate ranges from 8..75- 9.00

The shipping department is where all the orders are mailed out to different places. the pay rate in this depart meant is from $9.00 - $9.50.

In all the departments except molding some positions are able to be bumped up to $10 an hour with forklift training held once a month.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $8.75 to $10.00 /hour