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Midway, UT


Z's Steak & Chop Haus, Zermatt Utah's fine dining restaurant, is seeking a Food Runner/Busser to fill an On Call position. Food Runner/Busser is responsible for assisting servers in delivering all dishes to a table efficiently & clearing & resetting tables, while ensuring that all the guests have everything they ordered and that the dish is presented & subsequently cleared according to the highest guest service and fine dining standards.

Essential Functions of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Performing any necessary pre-shift sidework.
* Reviewing the menu and becoming thoroughly familiar with all items and means of preparation being offered that day, including the ingredients, preparation, sauces, and garnishes.
* Checking with the Executive or Sous Chef for any special instructions prior to the beginning of each shift.
* Learning and memorizing all table and seat numbers so they are able to deliver the guests order without having to ask who ordered it.
*Re-filling water glasses for guests.
* Asking guests if there is anything else they would like or need before leaving their table. If there is an additional request from the guest, the Food Runner/Busser will either bring this item directly to the table of communicate the guest's needs to the Server immediately.
*Clearing & resetting guest's tables in a quick, thorough manner between courses or once the guests depart.
*Completing assigned side work and assisting in closing down the line and cleaning the kitchen.


*Must have, or be able to obtain, a valid Utah Food Handler Permit.
*Prior restaurant or Food Running/Bussing experience strongly preferred but not required.
*Must be able to manage multiple requests from guests & Servers.
*Must be able to maintain a constant focus on professionalism and guest service at all times.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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