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*****THESE POSITIONS ARE LOCATED WITHIN ENGINEERING SERVICE AND ARE LOCATED AT THE WEST ROXBURY, JAMAICA PLAIN AND BROCKTON CAMPUSES***** This announcement establishes an open continuous announcement for eligible applicants to be considered for this position. The Next Steps area of the announcement provides additional information on the referral process for this type of announcement. [ "The General Engineer is an integral part of the design, construction and maintenance team at the facility to support a fully accredited healthcare facility campus. The incumbent is a professional engineer who supports the operation, maintenance, renovation, and construction of multiple sits such as outpatient clinics and leased facilities. Determines requirements, reconnaissance, location, and prepares designs, specifications and estimates, including systems requirements. The engineer is accountable for integrating complex medical facility designs for architectural, civil, structural, medical gas, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, communications, fire safety, security, and specialized systems (elevators, patient safety lifts, pneumatic tube, etc.). The incumbent is responsible for designing in conformance with applicable codes and standards, as well as federal and state agency regulations, standards, specifications, and other criteria. The employee supports development and implementation of engineering policies, programs, and procedural documentation. Frequently it is necessary to integrate complex, special or unusual planning, scheduling, and coordination considerations to minimize disruption of diverse activities, provide for continuity of essential patient care functions, and avoid conflicts with other ongoing work, without undue economic disadvantage. Position also requires frequent interdependent modifications, adaptations, or compromises for successful integration with the existing architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems and environmental conditions, diverse special equipment or functional requirements, and future long-range plans. The employee participates in resolving complex technical issues which integrate multi-discipline activities throughout the Medical Center as well as with outside organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Environmental Management (DEM), RI Department of Transportation (RIDOT) and the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO). The employee is responsible for assuring the continuous operation of essential patient services.The engineer performs audits and inspections of worksites to assure compliance, prepares reports and findings, devises solutions, and implements corrective actions. The employee is responsible for comprehensive technical and administrative management of the planning, estimating, development, design, and construction of assigned new facilities, renovation, alteration, modification work and maintenance, including smaller locally funded projects, large-scale centrally funded nonrecurring maintenance, building service equipment replacements and additions, and minor improvements, as well as delegated large-scale construction projects. The employee plans and carries out the projects by defining objectives; interprets policies promulgated by authorities which are senior to the immediate supervisor and determines their effect on program needs; independently plans, designs, and carries out work to be done; and serves as a technical authority. Employee performs scheduling and layout of operations and inspection and surveillance of materials, methods, and equipment used in construction. Employee plans specific objectives for the program, including required innovations and improvisations. Prepares detailed cost estimates for use in obtaining project funding and bid evaluation. Employee prepares correspondence, technical reports, estimates, fact sheets, status reports, and schedules as required to complete project assignments. Employee researches, analyzes, tests, and evaluates information, unusual circumstances, unconventional issues, conditions, and problems; considering different, incomplete, and often conflicting information and alternatives; and determines efficient, effective, and feasible solutions to meet the project or situation requirements and constraints both during design and construction. Other duties as assigned. Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 4:30pm\nCompressed/Flexible: May be available\nTelework: Not available\nPosition Description Title/PD#: General Engineer/PD02334-A\nFinancial Disclosure Report: Financial disclosure is required\nRelocation/Recruitment Incentives: Not Authorized" ]