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Trenton, NJ


Job Title: Grant Application Processors
Location: Trenton, NJ (08611) (Remote)
Duration: Approximately 16 weeks

Job Description:
  • COVID-19 Emergency Grant program, which offers grants to small businesses across the state. In order to process these grant applications in a timely manner NJEDA is seeking Grant Application Processors, and Grant Application Team Leaders, on a temporary assignment basis.
  • While the majority of grant applications will be processed automatically, some portion of these applications will be flagged for manual review, and it will be the responsibility of these Grant Application Processors to both perform this review through research and communication with applicants and document this review in Microsoft Dynamics 365, a customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Activities of the Grant Application Processors will include:
  • Creating a new CRM record for an application
  • Tracking the status of the application in the CRM system, such as by marking whether the application is recommended for approval or for decline
  • Identifying the cause of application errors or manual review triggers.
  • A few examples:
  • If two applicants with different business identification numbers apply using the same address, the processor would research whether they are in different units of the same building by performing a Google search, and if this fails, may reach out to the applicants for clarification
  • If a business was started in 2020, the business may not have a filed tax return and the processor would need to confirm revenue by requesting and reviewing 2 months of actual sales data to confirm the applicant’s financial projections
  • If an applicant selected on the application that their organization is involved in lobbying, the processor will need to contact them to confirm that their application was properly filled out and, if so, send them a Lobbying Questionnaire to complete and share with the Attorney General’s Office.
  • Calling applicants to discuss their application as necessary, and uploading notes from each of these calls in the CRM record
  • Uploading any other documents to the CRM record
  • Quality check the application reviews by reviewing your work for detail and accuracy
  • Ensure that you successfully complete the number of applications allocated to your pipeline by NJEDA based on grant application volumes, and flag to NJEDA if these application review targets become infeasible for any reason.
  • Available for all scheduled and impromptu management or team member meetings.
  • Ability to provide accurate information to applicants inquiring as to status of grant applications.
  • Trouble shoot applicant questions based on program knowledge.
  • Flexibility to work within other COVID programs and/or COVID departments as necessary.
  • In addition to the 46 Grant Application Processors, 4 Team Leaders are needed.
Each leader will:
  • Manage a team Grant Application Processors
  • Learn all required grant application processing duties and skills, and teach these to the Processors under their management
  • Assign each Processor in the team new grant applications to review via the CRM system, based on the capacity and abilities of each Processor
  • Check in with their team via videoconference for 15-30 minutes each morning at 8 AM to discuss the current status of the applications and identify any questions or problems for resolution or escalation
  • Quality check the application reviews by reviewing the work of the team members, communicating feedback both to the individual team members and to NJEDA staff
  • Ensure that the team successfully completes the number of applications allocated to it by NJEDA based on grant application volumes, and flag to NJEDA if these application review targets become infeasible for any reason.
Equipment to be used:
  • Candidate will be provided with a laptop & cell phone for use, but must have access to internet at their own expense, as this is a remote position.
Software to be used:
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Teams
  • Verizon VCC
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Adobe
Knowledge, skills, education, and/or experience:
  • Must be a fast and accurate typist and competent in all basic computer skills, such as Microsoft Office and web searches
  • Must be competent in basic math and accounting skills and able to review historic financial data for completeness and legitimacy
  • Must be able to communicate collegially and professionally with both teammates and with small business owners statewide, via e-mail, phone, and videoconference.
Desired skills:
  • Prior experience with CRM software, especially Microsoft Dynamics 365, is highly desirable but is not mandatory.
  • Fluency in other languages, particularly Spanish and Korean, is a plus.

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