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The mission of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is to eliminate cancer in Texa s , the natio n , and the world through outstanding programs that integrate patient car e , research and prevention, and through education for undergraduate and graduate students, trainees, professionals, employees and the public.


The primary purpose of the Image Library Representative position is to upload and digitize various digital and analog media into the Picture, Archiving and Communication System (PACS) for interpretatio n , comparison and storage. Access PACS storag e , and copy images to CD-ROM, fil m , etc. Have a working knowledge of procedure modalities and imaging software to extract images from one media to the other.


Caring Behaviors

• Courtesy: Is respectful and courteous to each other at all times; Gives full attention to others minimizing distractions; Does not gossip or air frustration inappropriately; Uses a respectful I professional tone of voice

• Friendliness/Teamwork: Promotes and rewards teamwork and inclusiveness; Is sensitive to the concerns o f our patients and our co-workers; Expresses awareness of others' experiences and views; Listens to patients and coworkers' needs and empathizes with them; Is aware of and respects individual difference s , such as age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientatio n , religion, cultur e , backgroun d , and experiences; Demonstrates collegiality to others in an effort to create a cooperative and collaborative environment

Integrity Behaviors

• Reliability: Promotes and adheres to MD Anderson's Standards of Conduct in addition to all applicable institutional policies and procedures.; Communicates time expectations for tests, procedures, or service arriva l , or project deliverables to patients and coworkers; By his/her actions, creates an environment of trust; Adheres to attendance policy by timely reporting to work and returning from breaks; Admits when wrong, apologizes and takes steps to resolve a situation

• Safety: Notices a safety concern and brings it to someone's attention; Models safe behavior (wears badg e , washes hands, keeps work area clean and orderly ) ; Mitigates risk to the institution through sound business practices; Demonstrates ethical and personal responsibility in work and behavior

Discovery Behaviors

• R e sp o nsivenes s : Encourages l e a rnin g, c re a ti v it y , and n e w ide a s; R e s ponds to requ e s ts from oth e r s in a timely manne r ; Offers h e lp before being aske d ; Pr o v id e s help to patients and cowork e r s that may be outside of job r e s p on s ibilit i es (does n ot sa y , "It's not m y j ob."); Loo k s f o r new and b etter ways of doing thin g s

• Personal Leadership/Self-Initiativ e : Helps others t o identify a n d s o l ve prob l ems; Seeks pe r s o n a l growth a n d e nables others to do so; Lea d s by e x a mple; Actively e ncou r ages o t hers to contribute id eas; Holds s elf and others a ccountable for practici n g o ur values


1. E valuate a nd pro p e r l y format a ll out s id e i m aging stu d ies for clinical u s e . Has a g e neral u nde r s t anding o f topographical anatom y .

2. Validate and i s familiar with a ll cli n ic a l im a ging modalities f o r t he p r o per di str i b u t i on of s tudies th r o ugh D i a g n ostic Imagin g 's in f ormation sy s tems (e.g. RI S , PACS ).

3. Coordinate the a ppropr i ate s e q u e n cing of a ll mammography film hanging proto c ols for radi o l ogist

ev a l u a t io n s .

4. C o l l a borate with multidi scip lin a ry care c e n ters to opti m ize the u r gent and routine flow of patient outs i de imaging st u di e s.

5. Fac i li t a te the delivery a nd pu r ge of out s id e im a g i n g s tudi e s in acc o r dance with departmental p o l i cy.

6. Provide direct patient assistance th r o u g h the rel e ase of imaging st ud i es and s igned c l i n ical reports.

7. C o l l a borate with MD Ande r s o n 's l eg a l department to for m a t and d i st r ibut e imaging s t udies f o r l eg a l firms or s ubpoe n as r e q u es t in g patient medi c a l information.

8. Gre e t and communicate effectively w ith patient s , family member s , fac u l ty, and other s t aff upon arriv a l to the Release of Medical Info r m ati o n offices l ocated in the M a in hospital and AC B .

9. Resp o n sible for t h e security a n d confidenti a l i ty of patient information a t all times.

10. Other duties as assigne d .


• I C - Te a m w ith Others:

o E n c o u r age c o l l a bo r a t i on and input from a ll team m e m b e r s;

o Value the contributio n s of a ll team m emb e r s; a nd

o Balance indi v idu a l a nd team go a l s

• I C - Sel f - Motivation:

o Set high s tand a r d s of per f o r ma n ce;

o Pu r s u e g oals with e n ergy a nd p e r s i s t ence; and

o Drive for r e s ults and achievement.

• IC - Ora l Co m munication:

o E x pre s s ideas clearly and c o n c i s e l y in gr o u ps and o n e - t o-one conve r sa t i o n s; and

o C r e a te an en v iron m e nt with op e n channels of c o mmu n ica t i o n .

o Show consi s t e n c y amon g princip l es, v a l u es, a n d b e havior.

High school diploma or equivalent. Two years of relevant work experience. Must pass pre-employment skills test as required and administered by Human Resources. It is the policy of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to provide equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by institutional policy or by federal, state or local laws unless such distinction is required by law.

Additional Information
  • Requisition ID: 140913
  • Employment Status: Full-Time
  • Employee Status: Regular
  • FLSA: non-exempt, eligible for overtime, and is subject to the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Work Week: Nights
  • Fund Type: Hard
  • Pivotal Position: No
  • Minimum Salary: US Dollar (USD) 28,800
  • Midpoint Salary: US Dollar (USD) 36,000
  • Maximum Salary : US Dollar (USD) 43,200
  • Science Jobs: No