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This position will be an employee of the company clinic and interact with the clinic as required by their employer. The Athletic Trainer will be responsible for the treatment of soft tissue workplace injuries within the scope of their authority and development of programs to improve overall employee health while contributing to reducing injuries in the workplace due to a physical condition or preparation for physical activity.



  1. The Athletic Trainer is also expected to develop programs to improve employee health and monitor progress towards health and fitness goals of the workforce.
  2. Candidates must be motivated to assist employees to minimize workplace injuries associated with sprains and strains using their thorough understanding of physical conditioning.
  3. Monitor the workplace for opportunities to reduce or eliminate soft tissue injuries associated with sprains and strains and make recommendations to the company.
  4. The Athletic Trainer should be caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about the employee’s health and the company goals of improving employee health while reducing injuries.
  5. Work with employees and medical professionals to evaluate an employee’s condition post injury.
  6. Create exercise and nutrition plans as part of the employee wellness program.
  7. Be available to interact with employees providing guidance to support their health and fitness goals.
  8. Designing warm up programs for employees prior to work intended to minimize workplace injuries.
  9. Referring injured employees back to doctors or other medical staff members when necessary.
  10. Assisting and monitoring injured employees as they heal and progress towards recovery.
  11. Maintaining proper records relating to employee condition and treatment plans.
  12. Handle clerical tasks, such as maintaining inventory, assisting with budgets, or restocking supplies.





  1. Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and a valid state license or certification.
  2. Proven experience may be desired.
  3. Understanding of first-aid treatments, massage, and physical therapy techniques and equipment.
  4. Detail-oriented, analytical, and attentive.
  5. Self-motivated with excellent interpersonal, problem solving, decision making, and communication skills.


  1. Prior experience working as an Athletic Trainer in a company work place environment