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Houston, TX

Houston, TX, US
Houston, TX
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Janitorial Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions

§ Scrub floors and baseboards at thebeginning of every month with scrub brush and cleanser.

§ Wash walls, cabinets and doors weekly.

§ Clean daily, with cleanser, toilets, sinks, and urinals.

§ Clean mirrors, and as needed during the week.

§ Replace paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and urinal disinfectant disk as needed.

Break Room -

§ Wash tables and chairs daily.

§ Mop floors daily.

§ Scrub floors and baseboards once a month.

§ Dust off all snack machines, microwave, refrigerator, and counter tops daily.

§ Clean and wash out refrigerator every Friday.

§ Wipe down water fountains daily.

Windows and Doors -

§ Dust and wash windowsills, doors, and doorframes weekly.

§ Clean all windows weekly.

Trash -

§ Empty all trash containers daily and replace liners as needed.

§ Wash out and disinfect trash containers monthly.

Service Bay -

§ Sweep and mop with degreaser, and squeegee service bay floors daily, after trucks leave.

§ Wash service bay doors and drain daily.

§ Sweep, mop, wash doors and walls of Man Traps weekly.

Offices -

§ Dust all office equipment, desks, bookcases, and file cabinets weekly.

§ Vacuum and sweep floors twice weekly.

§ Spot clean carpet as needed.

§ Wash walls monthly.

Secure Trash -

§ Secure trash will be put in the proper secure trash area/bins daily.

Loft -

§ As needed file boxes will be taken to the loft for storage.

§ Dust and sweep loft weekly.

§ Replace/clean furnace filters every two weeks.

Grounds -
§ Remove trash from parking lot as needed.

Miscellaneous -

  • Wrap coin bags into bundles daily
  • Pack storage boxes as requested.
  • Dust, sweep, and mop secure room area as needed.
  • Shred papers as requested.
  • Replace inside and outside light bulbs as needed.


§ Work is performed in a work area within a warehouse, with little or no exposure to outside light. The workspace is heated in winter and cooled in summer to an average of 68-72 degrees.

§ Work is performed primarily from a standing position

§ Ability to bend, squat, stoop, stand, walk lift up to 50 lbs., sit, push and pull

§ Ability to climb ladder

§ Part-time work consists of an average of 24 hours per week performed in 4 to 6 hour shifts.

Pay rate: $14/hr

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