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Knoxville, TN


The Christian Academy of Knoxville is seeking a collaborative, service-oriented, nurturing, and knowledgeable Christian candidate for t...

Christian Academy of Knoxville is characterized by:

A mature student culture, opportunities for leadership,

A beautiful 77-acre campus, strong academic credentials,

Consistently positive parent and alumni feedback, expanding facilities, and

A personal, spirit-led, focused learning environment



CAK admits students of any race, national origin, and gender and does not discriminate on these bases in its educational policies, financial aid, and co-curricular and school-administered programs.


CAK is a non-denominational Christian school that is committed to partnering with Christian families. Our desire is to create and enhance a Christian community that compliments and supplements each family’s church participation AND seeks to stand alongside each family to support in any way possible. We are intentional in our approach to educating students in a way that reflects relationships, excellence, and service all to the glory of God. This distinction guides our curriculum as we seek to help students develop a Biblical worldview and integrate their faith into the various disciplines of study. Students come from more than 100 different denominations. This diversity provides a backdrop to challenge students through chapels and Bible curriculum, as well as numerous opportunities to practice their faith through serving others.