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Peoria, AZ


Reports To:         Culinary Director


Mission Statement:


Our mission:

Celebrating the ART of life at all stages through managed Retirement, Independent Living, Assisted Living and Alzheimer communities by anticipating and meeting residents’ needs with the highest levels of expertise, compassion, and quality care.


Employees of Artegan Communities are considered a Member of the Artegan family so will hereafter be referred to as Member(s) in all Artegan documents.


Position Summary:


Promotes rich living experiences for residents living within the community, promoting the Artegan “Celebrating the Art of Life” philosophy.  Responsible for effectively preparing food for service per menu and recipe guidelines.  May assist with food service as requested/directed.  May also be responsible for assisting with food preparation and service for special events.  Responsible for maintaining and promoting the integrity of the First Impressions Program.

All duties will be performed in accordance with established community standards, policies and procedures, resident service objectives, and resident rights policies and objectives. 


All of Artegan community Member team members are responsible and have full accountability for fulfillment of the mission of Artegan.


Essential Job Functions:


·         Be a team player and behave in a professional manner at all times while in the course of employment and/or on the community premises.

·         Avoid sharing personal information with residents and/or their family members.

·         Have a current Food Handler’s Permit for state in which employed, if required.

·         Ability to effectively communicate in English

·         Physically able to lift up to 25 pounds on a frequent basis, and 50 pounds on an occasional basis. 

·         Physically able to carry up to 10 pounds on a frequent basis and up to 25 pounds on a rare basis for up to 100 yards. 

·         Physically able to stand and walk up to 95% of the workday. 

·         Physically able to push/pull the supply/meal cart.

·         Physically able to climb stairs and climb onto and off of a three-step stepstool. 

·         Physically able to twist, bend, stoop, crouch and kneel occasionally to frequently throughout the workday. 

·         Physically able to handle, grasp and reach occasionally to frequently throughout the workday. 

·         Able to hear and speak as necessary to communicate with residents, coworkers, visitors and guests. 

·         Able to see as necessary to do their job safely. 

·         Able to smell as necessary to discern resident’s needs and/or building emergencies. 

·         Be honest, trustworthy, patient, dependable, and courteous. 

·         Ability to work well with others and be able to follow instructions (oral and written) accurately, timely and efficiently. 

·         Maintain a professional appearance while on-site and/or in the course of employment. 

·         Be drug and alcohol free.  May be subject to random or specified drug and alcohol screening (see Member Handbook).

·         Have the ability to tactfully deal with community personnel, residents, family members, visitors, etc.

·         Have the ability to multi-task.

·         Have documentation of TB testing in compliance with community standard/policy and state law.

·         Have required background check with no convictions in violation of applicable state/federal laws and no disqualifying events.

·         Be willing to work as a team member with other staff and handle residents appropriately on whatever maturity or cognition level the resident is currently functioning.

·         Understand and work at all times with Standard Precautions and prevent the spread of infections and disease.

·         Become familiar with and follow community standards, policies and procedures.

·         Become familiar with residents rights and your responsibility as a mandated reporter.

·         Be able to work independently, make appropriate decisions in emergencies and safeguard resident safety and wellbeing while on duty.

·         Willing and able to adapt to changes in kitchen routine at any given time.

·         All Members are required to be awake and alert during their entire work shift.  Sleeping on the job site is unacceptable, even in Community break rooms. 

·         Members may be paid for meal breaks when they are required to be on-call, such as night shift or Members accompanying residents on outings.  Members who are paid for lunch periods due to being on-call during lunch and breaks may not leave the Community during paid break/meal times.  If this paid meal break occurs during a resident outing, the Member must stay with the residents during the paid meal break.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Listed below is an outline of the duties and responsibilities that the Member may be required to perform.  This listing of expectations is not to be construed as an all-inclusive list and in no way states or implies that these are the only duties the Member will be required to perform.


Ø  Ensure that food preparation is in accordance with accepted state regulations, and community standards/policies.

Ø  Attractively prepares and presents meals that are appealing and tasty, and served at the right temperature per the menu and schedule.

Ø  Promotes rich living experiences for residents living within the community, promoting the Artegan “Art of Living” philosophy. 

Ø  Prepares special limited diets per policy.

Ø  Identifies menu errors and makes appropriate corrections as needed, bring the necessary changes to the Culinary Services Director’s attention.

Ø  Properly stores, dates and rotates food per food handling guidelines.

Ø  Interacts with residents in dining room after everyone is served to determine resident satisfaction of meals.

Ø  Prepares attractive and tasty alternatives per the menu.

Ø  Keeps kitchen clean and orderly following cleaning schedule.

Ø  Assure kitchen is clean and ready for next meal preparation before leaving at end of shift.

Ø  If working last shift of the day, assure that all cooking surfaces and cooking equipment is cleaned, turned off and secured for the night.

Ø  Be familiar with state Health Codes and instruct all Members in following the rules and regulations.

Ø  Respond personally to all resident/visitor food complaints in a professional and helpful manner.

Ø  Work as a team player with all coworkers from yours and other departments.

Ø  Attend to all details necessary in ensuring sanitation in all work and storage areas.

Ø  Maintain cooperative relations with all community staff and departments.

Ø  Know the fire and disaster preparedness plan and your responsibilities associated with a community disaster.

Ø  Attend required in-service and all staff meetings.

Ø  Perform other duties as assigned.


Education and Special Requirements:


·         High School Diploma or Equivalent.

·         Institutional food preparation experience is preferred.

·         Ability to follow recipes and prepare food from scratch a must.

·         Prefer a background working with elder adults in declining health. 

·         CPR and first aid certification may be required.

·         Able to withstand sudden temperature changes from the heat of the kitchen or the cold of the freezer.

·         Able to taste and smell food to determine quality and palatability.

·         Have the ability to handle and manipulate equipment in food preparation and serving.

·         May be required to work weekends, holidays and after-hours as scheduled.

Promoting the Artegan “celebrating the art of life” philosophy
·         The Member may be subject to falls, exposure to odors, etc. including the potential exposure to HIV and Hepatitis B viruses.

·         The Member may be exposed to resident's domestic pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.).

·         May be required to have a negative COVID-19 test on file.