Local/Delivery Truck Driver

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions

Orem, UT

$19 - $22 / Per Hour
Orem, UT, US
profit sharing, health and dental, paid vacation and paid sick leave
Orem, UT
4 days ago

City Delivery Driver -  We need a few more great ones

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions


Rocky Mountain Air Solutions, a leading Rocky Mountain region distributor of atmospheric gas and welding products is seeking CDL Class B Drivers with a clean MVR to join our growing company in Orem, Utah. Here is what we want…what everyone else wants…professional, safe and responsible drivers.


Here is why you should consider us.  Our drivers are more intellectually stimulated on the job.  We attract and are attracted to smart drivers. When we say you are part of a team you actually will get to know your team from the owners, customer service, plant personnel and the cryogenic technicians. You will drive but you will also NOT stay in the truck.  You will be out and about during delivery and your expertise is genuinely different than most drivers. You will proudly tell your kids you are the reason that the hospitals have oxygen and you can tell your friends you are a critical component in beer drinking. You can tell your mom you work hard, are respected and well paid and you can tell your spouse you will be home for dinner.  If these job attributes are important to you then make yourself important to us.


We are not for everyone and it takes us a while: an assessment and an interview to see if we can see in you what we need to grow our future.  You will be able to take a hard look at us as well.  We will disclose whatever you need to know to evaluate us.  We are careful not to bring in the run of the mill driver. You know who we are talking about, right? We don’t even glance at average.  We demand high performance and safe practices because we work for you as you work for the customer.  We mean to be the best in our industry.  We mean it.  We do not coddle.  We hold each other accountable.  We do what we say and say what we do.  We reward your work with competitive pay, a financially secure company, a safe vehicle and good benefits. We dedicate ourselves to excellence in all we do.  What about you?


Physical Demands:

As a driver for RMA, you will be responsible for moving cylinders by rolling them to carts for loading and unloading at the customer location.   We require that you are healthy enough to complete this task as well as able to easily lift 60 pound boxes of wire.

The job description necessitates physical strength, flexibility, attention to safety and the ability to work in an industrial environment.



  • 401k
  • 7 - 8 Paid Holidays
  • Paid vacation and sick leave 
  • Medical, Dental and Vision

City Delivery Drivers must have a current CDL Class B license with a Hazmat Endorsement and training in air brakes.  MUST HAVE A CLEAN MVR - please no DUIs/DWIs.


We require a background check, a pre-employment assessment and a drug test along with current DOT required documentation.

A high school diploma is required although we prefer college credit.  No GED's will be accepted.

Along with the license we also require the following traits or abilities of our delivery drivers.

  • Personable
  • Motivated and hard working
  • Articulate
  • Able to write legibly
  • Able to do simple mathematics

About the Company

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions


Are you fascinated by how the world works?

Do you wonder what is the power behind our growth as a nation and as a world?

Do you want to be a part of it? We do too!


Who We Are

Rocky Mountain Air Solutions (RMA) is a dynamic and independent distributor of Industrial, Medical, Specialty, Compressed and Cryogenic Gases in the Rocky Mountain Region. Founded in 1924 as United States Welding Works, we then renamed as United States Welding before maturing into Rocky Mountain Air Solutions in 2017.

Our heritage is about more than being the leading supplier of atmospheric gases. It’s about creating an experience of flawless dependability for our customers. We’ve stood the test of time by adapting to meet the demands of the changing market. Our success is a result of long-term relationships, consistently meeting quality expectations and excellent customer experience. You can count on us for flawless dependability. We always have the gases you need — when you need them.


Our Mission

At Rocky Mountain Air Solutions (RMA), we focus on our customer experience. We believe that exceptional customer service should be the expectation, not the exception. For us, it is our privilege to serve you. By intentionally redefining customer service expectations, we promise to work faster, better, and differently. Most importantly, we follow through. Customers can depend on our services and products because we emphasize flawless customer service experience. Success is defined when our partnership creates and maintains life-long relationships with the people we serve. We are more than your vendor; we are your partner in business.


At Rocky Mountain Air, our customers are our partners. Beginning a relationship starts with cultivating trust and communication through questions and honest, straightforward explanations about how we can help. With some creative thinking, we’ll come up with a solution that makes the most sense for your business. At RMA, it’s easy to see the passion and commitment behind our dedication to flawless dependability every day.


Rocky Mountain Air cultivates a culture of safety. It’s the heart of who we are and what we do. We dedicate attention to intensive quality control, product testing, employee education, and on-time delivery. In fact, we’ll do the worrying so you don’t have to. Experience our passion in service, quality, safety – and commitment to serving you. We are always just a quick phone call away.


Company Culture

Diligent… Driven… Demanding… these are just some of the words that we use to define ourselves. We are a driven company that aims at being better tomorrow than we were today. We begin with driving our operations through processes, limiting our errors and ensuring that we can keep our focus on what matters most: our customer. As a business, we have a choice on what to focus our collective efforts on improving. Our choice is continually on our service. We set high expectations for competence, professionalism, and kindness in every transaction. We look for people who are willing to dive in and lead our future. This company aims to be something great – are you ready?

Core Values

  • On Belay - The climber's code - I commit to you as you commit to me.When climbing, you are tied to each other. When you yell, "On Belay!" your Belayer responds with "Belay On." Those words commit to protection from catastophe. When you lose your footing and slip, this commitment saves lives. In our work, we climb together, always there for each other. We trust each other through the climb and then we celebrate our summit together. And to that, we say, "On belay!"
  • Put Your Cape On - Customers rely on us for the delivery of our products to run their businesses. When they have an emergency, we show up. Our proactive approach to resolve issues early makes all the difference. We will do whatever it takes to do the job well and correctly. 
  • There is Always a Way - We always find a way. Our unrelenting tenacity moves mountains. We never stop. We never say can't. We never give in. We always keep asking.
  • Good News Fast... Bad News Faster - Communicating bad news is the bravest thing we do. We cannot solve a challenge we are not willing to admit that we have. Bring the bad news in the beginning. Communicate fast. Communicate thoroughly. Communicate powerfully.  
  • Make the Difficult Decisions - Protect the Core. Just like a mountain, our foundation is built on bedrock. Difficult decisions require making choices that build for the future rather than taking the easy path. 
  • Calm in the Chaos - In an emergency, laser focus on the execution for the resolution. Map your steps, keep a cool head, a clear mind and trust you are making the best decisions for the situation. This is where the processes earn their keep - they are your way out. Take a deep breath, plan your move and execute. Calm in the chaos.


We offer all the standard benefits like medical and dental insurance, Long-term Disability and Life insurance, 401K, paid holidays, paid vacation and sick time.


Our Locations

  • Casper, WY

  • Rock Springs, WY

  • Cheyenne, WY

  • Laramie, WY

  • Scottsbluff, NE

  • Sterling, CO

  • Greeley, CO

  • Denver, CO

  • Colorado Springs, CO

  • Grand Junction, CO

  • Price, UT

  • Orem, UT

  • Salt Lake City, UT

  • Ogden, UT

  • Pocatello, ID - served out of Ogden, UT

Our History


The United States Welding Works Company began as a partnership in 1924 between Charles Lofgren and Adam Schmick. Originally located in downtown Denver, the small store specialized in welding, including anything from difficult welding jobs to repairing parts and machinery all over the Rocky Mountain Region.




As customers increasingly asked Lofgren and Schmick to stock oxygen and acetylene to aid in their own welding jobs, the partners saw a tremendous opportunity. United States Welding Works Company was formed as a supply house for atmospheric gases and welding supplies. The company continued to grow prior to and during World War II.



The founders sold the company to the sons of Charles Lofgren, Robert Lofgren Sr. and Walter Lofgren. The operation had grown to include routes over the entire state of Colorado, western Kansas and Nebraska, with a branch in Casper, Wyoming.



Robert Lofgren Jr. was brought on board as a salesman.



Robert Sr. suffered a stroke and his son Robert Jr. immediately took over management of the company and remained the CEO until 2000. Under Robert Lofgren Jr.’s tenure, the company accomplished significant growth. He used the momentum started by the founders of the company and the growth of the nation as a whole to propel United States Welding Works forward with new stores and a new name, United States Welding, Inc.



The company again changed hands but remained in the Lofgren family when Rick and Kathy Lofgren bought the company from Robert and Barbara Lofgren. Kathy and Rick met in graduate school while both pursuing MBA’s. Kathy spent the first part of her professional career negotiating land deals for oil and gas drilling while Rick honed his vision for our future while learning every aspect of the atmospheric gas business. Together they bring many years of business expertise to the company and a diversified skillset with complementary knowledge and experience.



We have stood the test of time by adapting to meet the demands of the changing market. Throughout all the changes, we refuse to compromise our promise to provide flawless customer service for you. With the drive to create healthy business partnerships with our customers and vendors, we approach our work with the intention to build on integrity, responsibility, and a commitment to fair transactions. Today, we remain a family-owned business. Our belief in the flawless execution of customer service is the backbone of our growth. We continue to be vigilant in meeting the demands of our diversified customer base. Our focus on customer needs is the foundation for delivering unmatched customer service as we plan for, and move toward a bright and exciting future. We have 16 branches strategically located in the Rocky Mountain Region assuring product availability and quick delivery to our customers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

100 to 499 employees
401K, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Medical, Dental and Vision, Paid Holidays, Paid sick days, Tuition Reimbursement, Vacation/paid time off, Vehicle Allowance