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El Segundo, CA
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job summary:

The Manager of Live Operations directs and oversees the LiveOps departments, is experienced in creating and executing detailed strategies for both current & future game titles. Presented frequently with data from the team, this individual is able to analyze relevant data to develop, calibrate, present and implement changes to improve overall performance.

Position Responsibilities

Live Operations Team Oversight and Strategy

  • Effect comprehensive and detailed strategies for the continued success of existing games or the successful launch of new game titles,
  • Bring industry insight to identify new opportunities or areas of improvement in the game product.
  • Oversee the day-to-day workload of the Live Operations team, providing guidance and direction as required. Resolve any escalated issues from the team.
  • Communicate frequently with the Live Operations Director and Headquarters regarding new products or proposed future product proposals
  • Review weekly and monthly reports generated by the Live Operations team capturing KPI trends and adjusting strategies to meet KPI targets.
  • Identify potential errors or inconsistencies in reported data and investigating these areas for concern
  • Provide coaching, guidance and training to the LO team, ensuring employees feel set up for success in their roles, and monitoring and evaluating performance informally and formally
  • Project staffing needs and work with Human Resources to recruit talent as required


  • Develop and present product strategy and plans to the Live Operations Director and Headquarters
  • Develop and submit various reports as requested by the executive level and Headquarters
  • Manage various operational requests as they arise
  • Participate in or lead miscellaneous corporate initiatives
  • Contribute insights for various initiatives to the executive level to assist in the decision-making process

Release Management

  • Directly oversee and manage operations for all current and other future projects
  • Create and deliver performance reports for all active projects to HQ and all stakeholders
  • Analyze and understand the current progress of live products in order to maximize user engagement and satisfaction


  • Headquarters
  • Live Operations team
  • Prospective Partners and Vendors


  • Fast paced environment with pressure
  • Friendly environment whereby colleagues are helpful and collaborative
  • Multiple priorities at any given time requiring a high-level of organization and time management

Position Outcomes/Objectives and Standards of Performance

Games are managed seamlessly by the Live Operations team and new content is well vetted.

There are minimal user disruptions and issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Live Operations team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform their role successfully.

Live Operations team communicates with HQ to provide feedback, recommendations, and conducts QA on new content as well as proposed content from HQ.

Regularly generated reports by the Live Operations team is interpreted and analyzed to extract meaningful data. Data is rolled into strategic plans for both departments.

Reports are generated and presented on a regular basis capturing key qualitative and quantitative data. Reports are analyzed for trends, successes, failures, and red flags, and communicated to the team to steer the direction of their objectives as the year progresses.

Key data trends are captured in the report shared with HQ to support the Company's direction.

Direct reports are performing to the best of their ability, and are set up for success in their roles.

Employees feel they have the tools they require to be successful, receive adequate guidance and mentoring from their Manager, and are clear of their role and objectives.

Issues are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner (or escalated to HR as required), and recruitment needs are forecasted in advance.

Managing various projects and initiatives to ensure quality and scope.

Managing projects to ensure milestones are achieved according to projected timelines, budgets are respected, projects are of high quality, and completed within the overall prop

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