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15 days ago


Chelmsford, MA




Manufacturing Engineer/Machinist -

The employee will be involved in design, prototype, and production of systems related to vertical access systems and Special Operations related solutions. 

General Accountabilities 

• Program G-Code in HSMWorks 

• Design and produce Fixtures 

• Set up and run Haas CNC machine centers 

• Conduct maintenance on machines and general shop upkeep. 

• Produce a mix of simple and complicated parts with lot sizes between 1 and 1,000 

• Measure and reduce part cost, setup time and cycle time. 

• Production schedule 

• Plan shop capital resources  

Job Qualifications

  • Hands on experience with Haas CNC machines.
  • Programming experience in SolidWorks, HSMWorks or equivalent
  • Substantial experience setting up, programming, and running multi-axis mill parts.
  • Shop management experience
  • Education in related field or equivalent.
  • US Person for ITAR-related projects

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Pro Source is an engineering recruiting firm that began in 1984 providing consulting services and contract personnel to support mechanical engineering, CAD, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality engineering and software engineering.

Every single day we see a puzzle being created that needs to be solved. In the hiring process, companies want great people and have problems fitting the right piece in the right place. Additionally, from the candidate’s perspective, the puzzle is created when they know they are the right fit for a role and an organization and can’t get the attention they deserve to insert the right piece. Inserting the wrong piece into the puzzle on either side causes problems for both.

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