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Santa Rosa, CA


The leading electronic measurement company who is also on the forefront of technology innovations. This role is for Manufacturing Technical Support – Entry and we are looking for candidates to collaborate with Tellus Solutions to create innovative solutions and to fulfill on our client's mission.

Job Description
  • To manufacture high level integrated circuits on GaAs, and InP substrates in the 3 inch wafer fabrication clean room at client location in Santa Rosa Ca, for the use in World Class Test and Measurement equipment.
  • The main areas involved are working in C3/4/5 which includes front side and backside lithography which patterns every layer of integrated circuit manufacturing for subsequent deposition, wet etch or dry etch processing.

  • Handles and mixes hazardous chemicals such as adhesion promoter and various solvent strippers and bases such as photo developers.
  • Perform photoresist spin, exposure and develop on GaAs and InP substrates for subsequent processing.
  • Performs detailed inspections with the use of microscope to determine complete development and alignment on all layers in addition to the ability to recognize proper undercut for metal lifting purposes.
  • Uses multiple periphery equipment such as adhesion promoter systems, ovens.
  • Performs manufacturing special test for engineering to aid in the efforts of new product introduction.
  • Ability in the use of all periphery tools such as thin film measurement systems and scanning electron microscopes, PC's and WIP tracking systems.
  • Performs daily, weekly and monthly qualifications on main and periphery equipment such as the Nikon I-Line Stepper, dry etch Ashing tools and Photo resist bottle qualifications.

  • Semiconductor processing experience a plus, but not necessary.
  • Must very detail oriented and has the ability to run precision equipment to comply with critical specifications and other requirements and have the ability to communicate with engineering in regards to anomalies.
  • Ability to lean quickly and work precisely from written instructions regarding safety, chemical handling and wafer handling.
  • Ability to be on standing and moving for long periods of time and to perform multiple tasks simultaneously with excellent manual dexterity.
  • The ability to work in a clean room environment which requires specialized work clothing
  • Use of PC required specifically knowledge of the use of Microsoft Excel and other supporting programs such as MS Word.
  • Knowledge of the use of quality control systems and the ability to interpret control charts and other data analysis.
  • Ability to sustain a high quality of work in a fast-paced clean room environment.
  • Must be flexible and able to adjust to changing goals, objectives and policies of the company and being comfortable learning new computer systems.
  • Excellent work ethics in terms of attendance, organization, and team skills.