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Auburn, CA


Performs work in the Sacramento VAMC clinical (medical) laboratory. The incumbent works as a Medical Technician in the Specimen Processing section of the laboratory and draws blood from patients as necessary. Receives, processes, and packs for shipment varied clinical specimens for reference laboratory testing. Also performs duties in the Clinical Laboratory involving tests and examinations using the techniques of medical laboratory practice in one or more specialized areas. [ "Major duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: Performs blood collection using a variety of phlebotomy techniques including vacutainer systems, syringe, butterfly, and/or capillary finger sticks. Collects blood specimens, using correct container and order of draw. Collects urine specimens and cultures in a manner that preserves the integrity of sample. Prepares electronic requisitions for samples to be sent to the reference laboratories. Uses a computer to retrieve laboratory test information. Performs computerized accessioning of patient specimens. Provides education to patients for proper collection techniques of urine, stool, or other fluid collections. Interacts with patients, visitors, staff, students, and volunteers in a courteous, helpful, tactful, respectful, and compassionate manner. Responds positively and in a timely manner to customer requests for service or information. Identifies patients and ensure proper sample procurement and specimen labeling. Assesses patient condition before, during, and after procedures. Administers initial intervention in the event of an emergency. Sterilizes and autoclaves contaminated material according to safety policies. Cleans glassware and other reusuable items following established policies and procedures. Adheres to all universal precautions, infection control, and safety regulations associated with phlebotomy. Work Schedule: To Be Determined.\nTelework: Not available.\nVirtual: This is not a virtual position.\nPosition Description/PD#: Medical Technician/PD8880-A, PD03888A, PD08880A, and PD8880-A\nRelocation/Recruitment Incentives: Not authorized.\nFinancial Disclosure Report: Not required." ]