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Brandon, SD


TITLE:  Coach/Assistant Coach


QUALIFICATIONS:  1.  Valid South Dakota teaching certiicate/coaching endorsement (preferred)

                               2.  Employment as teacher or teacher aid (preferred)

                               3.  Previous coaching experience in assigned sport desired

                               4.  Knowledge and experience in assigned sport (preferred)


REPORTS TO:         Head Coach in conjunction with sport and Activities Director


SUPERVISES:          Athletes and team as assigned, other assistants, and student managers



Performance Responsibilities

1.  Thorough knowledge of all athletic policy and responsiblity for implementation.

2.  Knowledge of and compliance with pertinent SDHSAA and ESD regulations.

3.  Undertands proper administrative line of command and refers all student and parent grievances through proper channels.  Aware of public/staff/departmental meeting requirements.

4.  Maintains discipline and works to increase morale and cooperation in program.


Administrative Duties

1.  Scheduling and trasportation responsiblities.

2.  Prepare for practice, contests, and special events, and adheres to pracice scheules and facility utilization.  Coordinates with custodial and support staff.

3.  Provides documentation to Activities Director for fulfilling pertinent SDHSAA and district requirements concerning physical examinations, parent consent, and student egilibility.

4.  Proivdes proper safeguards for security of assigned equipment sites.

5.  Provides training rules not inconsistent with the Student Conduct-Student Activity policy.

6.  Provide supervision at all practices, games, and while traveling, provides assistance and guidance to and safeguards for each participant.

7.  Directs student managers and statisticians on respective teams.

8.  Determins and communicates routine discipline to participants and parents.


Equipment and Facilities

1.  Accountable to the Head Coach and/or Activities Director for issuing and collecting all equipment as well as annual inventory records and reporting.

2.  Annually, recommends budgetary items to head coach per assignment.

3.  Permits athletes in athletic facilities o nly during authorized/supervised times.

4.  Checks locker rooms before and after use for cleanliness.  Responsible for maintenance of sport equipment.\

5.  Secures all facilities before leaving.

6.  Instills in each player a respect for school property, its care and use.


Program Responsiblity

1.  Assists Head Coach/AD as assigned.

2.  Makes media releases and school announcements in a timely fashion.

3.  Teaches current sport rules, and fundamentals.

4.  Maintains statistics as needed to adhere to athletic awards policy.

5.  Works within the basic framework and philosophy of coaching "team".

6.  Attends all staff meetings and fulfills scouting duties.

7.  Arrives early enough for meetings, practices, and contest to adequately prepare, and is available after practice for  players and staff planning.

8.  Assists in organization and implementaiton of both in-season and out-of-season conditioning and weight training programs.

9.  Never critices or argues with other coaching or other staff member in the presence of players or parents.

10. Improves knowledge and skills by attending district and area coaching clinics and utilzing other resources made availalbe.

11. Attends contest, when possible, of other teams in that sport program.

12. Performs other dutis that are consistant with extra duty assignment, and or requested by other coaching staff or activities director.