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This position is a collaborative effort through the UNLV Department of Health Physics and
Diagnostic Sciences with involvement of Touro University and UNLV medical schools, and
SimonMed Imaging and HCA radiology residency program and IMGEN LLC.
The applicant will work alongside Neuroradiologist Travis Snyder, two research physicians, a
research scientist and medical students and residents, and provide statistical analysis and input
toward the design, execution and analysis of neuroimaging findings in correlation with clinical
symptoms and outcomes. Responsibilities will include application of statistical techniques to
estimate variation, assess multivariate correlations, test hypotheses, identify trends from a body of
quantitative medical imaging and clinical data.
A primary project includes analyzing a 800+ subject database of head trauma patients comparing
MRI imaging parameters with clinical outcomes with specific analysis of advanced imaging including
volumetric data, perfusion, DTI, fMRI, NeuroQuant and SWI. To date we have primarily used survival
analysis and interval censoring given data temporal heterogeneity. Other projects include
Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment associations with volumetric MR data and analysis of
advanced quantification of amyloid nuclear medicine studies and PET, and imaging findings in
carbon monoxide poisoning. Additional research opportunities are available with national experts in
the Dept. of Defense, the Enigma group, Cortech laboratory, Mindset and national cancer screening
projects with SimonMed.
Benefits include academic freedom, flexible hours and intellectual autonomy and competitive salary.
Preferred Applicant Qualifications
· PhD in statistics, neuroimaging informatics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, or related fields.
· Proficient in SAS, SPSS, R, or MATLab
· Familiar with mixed effect models and machine learning methods.
· Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously in a highly collaborative environment.
· Experienced in statistical analysis of medical imaging data and/or clinical data, particularly
experience with MR volumetric analysis and Diffusion Tensor Imaging.
· Experienced statisticians may also apply, competitive salary and excellent benefits