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Under the direct supervision of the Registered Nurse, the Nursing Assistant provides clinical support for the adult and geriatric Veteran/resident under the direction of the RN and LPN. The Certified Nursing Assistant on the Community Living Center develops their practice and adherence to a high level of respect and knowledge of Veteran/resident rights to protect the vulnerable and frail Veterans/residents. [ "Recruitment Incentives are being offered for this job announcement, If you are interested in the Recruitment Incentive you must request this upon receiving the Tentative Job Offer due to timing for routing purposes. 1. The Nursing Assistant provides care that offers no evidence or concern of abuse: care is given that demonstrates the Veteran's/resident's right to be free from verbal, sexual, physical and mental abuse. The care given demonstrates Veteran's/resident's preferences and the Veteran's/resident's right to be free from mistreatment, neglect, and misappropriation of property. 2. The Nursing Assistant ensures the Veteran/resident is wearing the correct identification bracelet. 3. The Nursing Assistant demonstrates a respect and courtesy for the Veteran/resident at all times. 4. The Nursing Assistant consistently performs activities of daily living (ADL) by helping Veterans/residents in their physical functioning, to include personal hygiene (bathing), eating, assisting Veterans/residents in and out of bed/wheelchairs using proper lifting techniques. 5. Nursing Assistant develops skill in promoting independence in daily living activities by following the Veteran's/resident's Restorative Plan of Care. The Nursing Assistant's performance demonstrates the Veteran/resident is encouraged to give as much of their self-care as is possible, while respecting the Veteran's/resident's preferences. 6. The Nursing Assistant competently performs range of motion exercise, turning and positioning, ambulation and other routine care procedures, to include completion of restorative exercises under the supervision of the Restorative Care Coordinator or designee. 7. Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, the Nursing Assistant gains expertise in performing a variety of general nursing duties competently including measurement and accurate recording of vital signs, height, weight, intake and output, smoking safety per Veterans/residents smoking assessment, cleansing and retention enemas, tube feeding, post-mortem care, infection control, isolation, simple treatments such as hot and cold packs, and applying external catheters. 8. The Nursing Assistant understands aseptic techniques and changes clean dressings as directed by the Registered Nurse (RN). 9. The Nursing Assistant maintains oxygen therapy as directed by the RN, assignment or written care plan, to include management and operation of oxygen tanks. The Nursing Assistant performs assistive cough and deep breathing exercises. 10. Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, the Nursing Assistant applies binders, splints, supportive devices, braces, and other simple devices to aid Veterans/residents in positioning for therapy, applies hot and cold packs, prepares Veterans/residents for tests, examinations, and treatments. 11.Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, the Nursing Assistant collects specimens such as urine, sputum and stool, correctly labels specimens for laboratory examinations and assures timely transportation of specimens 12. The Nursing Assistant applies shampoo, ointments and creams considered medication under the Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP Policy) under the supervision of a CNA GS-5, LPN or RN, 13. The Nursing Assistant participates in CLC activity and actions to improve the quality of care for Veterans/residents to include fall and pressure sore prevention; that is learning to implement the organization's prevention guidelines on falls and pressure sores, and the Veteran's/resident's specific plan of care. 14, The Nursing Assistant cleans and maintains equipment at the direction of the RN/LPN/CNA 5. The Nursing Assistant inspects devises and determines if the device is safe to use, or removes the device, notifies supervisor, and learns the process to have the device repaired. 15. The Nursing Assistant learns responsibility of timely maintenance of all education required by the CLC such as completing required courses to administer medication under the Unlicensed Assistive Personnel Policy, Basic Life Support skills (CPR), HIPPA and Privacy training. 16. The Nursing Assistant assists the Registered Nurse with admission, discharges and transfer of patients. The Nursing Assistant checks in and documents resident / Veteran valuables. 17. The Nursing Assistant Initiates Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, Heimlich maneuver for choking and first aid in accordance with established Medical Center policy and initiates or complies with other emergency procedures as necessary, including fire and disaster. Work Schedule: Multiple Schedules\nSeattle - 12:00am-8:00am on a rotating schedule which includes weekends\nTacoma - Rotating shift, including some weekends TODs: 6:00am-2:30pm, 2:00pm-11:30pm, 11:00pm-6:30am\nFinancial Disclosure Report: Not required" ]