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Los Angeles, CA


Is Now the Time to Make a Change? One of the Highest School-based Salaries in the Country!

The Los Angeles Unified School District is seeking an Occupational Therapist Certified Staff Member who wants to start a career in school-based practice. Since 1990, the providers in the OT, PT, and AT Program have provided students with special needs, their teachers and families with support in accessing their educational environment. Through our extensive local networks, connections with university programs, and professional expertise of our providers, we are able to offer Occupational Therapists unique growth opportunities:

  •        One of the Highest School-Based Salaries in the Country! 
  •       Along with Fantastic Benefits Package
  •       Pension/Retirement Program(CalSTRS)
  • Opportunities to treat and assess students with a variety of disabilities from 4-20 years old
  • Provide treatment sessions in an environment infused with evidence-based practice
  • Opportunities to work in different settings and specialized programs such as the preschool transition assessment team, Advancing Children's Educational Success (ACES), sensory integration therapy rooms, and integrated autism classrooms
  • Access to Assistive Technology Lending Libraries for equipment trials with students
  • District-sponsored continuing education/professional development
  • Extensive "Clinic to Classroom" continuing education course
  • Multi-level ongoing support from a variety of experienced therapists
  • Unique mentoring opportunities from a large highly-qualified staff

The future of Southern California, and the world, is in our classrooms. We are recruiting individuals committed to ensuring that all students graduate college-prepared and career ready.

Take on this challenge today...