Ophthalmic Technician

Eye Physicians of Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA, US
Long Beach, CA
30+ days ago

2+ years of Ophthalmic Scribing required

  • Perform preliminary exams including taking patient histories, visual acuity corrected and uncorrected, pupil tests, refractometry (Best Corrected), and applanation tonometry.
  • Administering anesthetics and dilating drops, preparing injections and relaying prescriptions to pharmacy.
  • Familiar with ocular medications.
  • Keeping track of and assisting in good patient flow.
  • Knowledge of Electronic Health Records so they can document accurate and timely chart notes.
  • Maintains a positive attitude and enjoys helping people.
  • Accurately records, remembers, and verbally communicates detailed information
  • Completes a detailed patient history which includes: past medical history (systemic and ocular), family medical history (systemic and ocular), medication history (systemic and ocular), and the chief complaint.
  • Performs auto-refraction prior to MD or OD exam.
  • Able to performs the following test : OCT RNFL, OCT MAC, Fundus Photos, Ishihara Color Vision, Amsler, Visual Fields
  • Performs applanation or Tonopen tonometry.
  • Performs angle assessment and pupil assessment prior to dilating patient.
  • Performs BAT and PAM tests as directed by MD.
  • Performs corneal pachymetry and corneal topography.
  • Performs eye irrigation if instructed by MD.
  • Knowledge of instruments routinely used in office, such as Vannas scissors, Jeweler’s forceps, punctal dilators and lid speculum, ect..

Employment Type: Full Time
Years Experience: 1 - 3 years
Salary: $18 - $21 Annual
Bonus/Commission: No

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