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San Antonio, TX
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We invite you to join a team of highly skilled emergency medical experts, pilots and mechanics!
Our mission of providing care to the world at a moment's notice is at the heart of everything we do. We are caregivers, first and foremost and we will be there when you need us.
With more than 38,000 employees, Global Medical Response teams deliver compassionate, quality medical care, primarily in the areas of emergency and patient relocation services around the world. We provide end-to-end medical transportation as well as fire services, integrated healthcare solutions and disaster response.



The First Officer designated as a First Officer for a flight or series of flights in accordance to the principals and procedures as required by FAR Part 135. The First Officer reports directly to the Base Lead Pilot and to the Captain on the flight for his or her conduct and execution of duties. The First Officer is directly supervised by the Base Lead Pilot and or the Chief Pilot except when in flight; at which time he or she is supervised directly by the PIC or Captain for the flight.


The First Officer must meet the minimum qualifications as specified by the Federal Aviation Regulation

Part 135.39(b).


Pilot schedules are a rotating 7 days on followed by 7 days off duty assignment. While on duty, pilots serve a 12-hour shift (maximum of 14 hours if operating under Part 135) at home and must be able to meet that program’s specified call-out time in order to meet the planned launch time of a trip. Pilot shift assignments consist of either a day duty period or a night duty period and are scheduled the month prior by the Base Lead Pilot to provide pilots sufficient opportunity to prepare their rest cycle. Pilots can expect to serve the same duty period during their assigned 7 days on shift and then rotate to the next duty period during their next 7-day shift assignment. Changes to duty periods within a 7-day shift assignment are discouraged but can occur depending on local needs at the Base.




  • Assists in the preparation for flight.
  • Assists the Captain in discharging safety responsibilities.
  • Performs duties as assigned during flight preparation and in flight.
  • Must be prepared to assume the duties of the pilot in command in the event the pilot in command is incapacitated.
  • Must be knowledgeable of the Company Manual, Federal Aviation Administration Regulations,
  • Operations Specifications, Flight Manuals, and other instructions pertinent to his duties.
  • Assumes other duties as may be assigned.



  • Must reside in, or be willing to relocate to, San Antonio TX
  • Must hold, or be able to attain, BeechJet 400
  • Hold, or be eligible to hold, an unrestricted FAA ATP certificate
  • Meet or exceed the following total flight experience:
    • Total time – 1500 hours Airplane
    • Multi-Engine   - 250 hours airplane multi-engine land
    • PIC – 250 Airplane
  • Must hold of be able to attain a First Class Medical Certificate and maintain First Class Privileges
  • Must hold valid US Passport






  • Must be able to walk, bend, stand, sit, crouch unassisted for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to lift 70 pounds
  • Must be able to work day and night shift
  • Must be able to transport themselves to and from work
  • Travel required for training events or maintenance assignment
  • Overnights may occur in the commission of the mission




  • The Base Lead Pilot
  • The Chief Pilot
  • The Director of Operations




If your passion is flying and you have the skills to deliver patient care in missions where every second counts, apply today!

EEO Statement:

Global Medical Response and its family of companies are an Equal Opportunity Employer including Veterans and Disabled