$14 / Per Hour
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Job Description

I. Experience/Education

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Has completed 12 ECE (Early Childhood Education) Units
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Has 1-year minimum experience in the specified age group
  • Knowledge and understanding of all current State and Local regulations.

II. Physical Demands

  • Will frequently lift as in lifting, carrying, walking with, and holding infants and children.
  • Required to stand up to 90% of the day.
  • Must be able to stoop, bend and sit on a child’s level.
  • Able to physically and mentally interact and react to children on the playground and/or in the classroom and attend to their needs.

III. Classroom Environment:

  • Provide a positive and nurturing environment for the children.
  • Responsible for health and safety of the children – not excessive accidents
  • Consistently keep clean and maintain the classroom areas (including bathrooms)
  • Maintains and effective room arrangement- permanent, no running spaces, shelves used as dividers, Material at child level (approved by Management)
  • Maintain Learning wall, Parent board, and Teacher board
  • Children's art (and Curriculum worksheets) displayed
  • Equipment out and children taught to use it properly
  • Follows class schedule
  • Provides consistent and constant supervision of all children. Children never left alone. Know how many children you are responsible for at all times and who they are.
  • Shelves have toys and manipulatives attractively displayed and labeled
  • Classroom materials enriched with teacher-made items.

IV. Planning

  • Lesson plans completed on time, consistently, posted, supply list turned in
  • Lesson plans reflect the current curriculum and Character Value
  • Consistent planning and effective use of transitions including hallway transitions
  • Circle time, story time and music planned and carried through
  • An organized and structured daily schedule is implemented daily.

V. Teaching Skills

  • Enjoys children and expresses genuine interest in them
  • Speaks with a calm, gentle voice
  • Listens carefully and respectfully
  • Teaches children to problem solve
  • Utilizes teachable moments
  • Must be able to focus on an individual while being aware of what is happening everywhere
  • Uses positive statements, is positive role-model
  • Interacts consistently with children
  • Must be able to maintain an orderly, calm environment
  • Supports cultural differences
  • Ability to move from one activity to another without chaos
  • Maintains positive parent interaction
  • The teacher encourages positive behavior, often getting down to the child’s level)
  • Teaches and allows children to make choices
  • Uses Redirection

VI. General Areas

  • Completed and submits all records as required, including timesheets, attendance sheets, incident reports, and any other required materials.
  • Supports all Children's Lighthouse policies and procedures as stated in manuals, handbooks, and official memos.
  • Has energy level to do the job
  • Good role model including attendance, dress code, attitude
  • Does not participate in gossip
  • Open to change - Flexible and able to adapt
  • Team member providing support to other staff
  • Participates in extra-curricular activities of the center
  • Consistently attends teacher training hours as required by state
  • Attends staff meetings
  • Evidence of interest in self-development and professional growth
  • Evidence of emotional maturity and stability
  • Evidence of sufficient security and judgment to handle crisis situations and to use supervision constructively.
  • Able and willing to accept direction, feedback, and evaluation.
  • Completes additional miscellaneous duties as assigned.
  • Maintains and inventory Curriculum materials (teacher enrichment, learning games, flash cards, language development cards, teacher’s manual, etc)
  • Train the Assistant teacher to multi-task and how to teach the curriculum

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $14.00 per hour