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Mountain View, CA
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Rockets are flying into space and landing on drone ships, cars are driving autonomously, and HD video calls can connect people on opposite sides of the globe. But a company doing their business taxes is still extremely manual, tedious, and just...painful.

That's why exists. We want to use modern technology to bring business taxes into the 21st century.

We're starting with the R&D tax credit. Our first product simplifies the complex and difficult process of helping companies apply for the IRS R&D Tax Credit, which puts hundreds of thousands of dollars into each company's pocket.

But this is only the start.

We’re developing better accounting tools to automate more and more of the tax filing process. In the future, will become the essential accounting software stack for small businesses.

About the team

Our co-founders are a CPA with > 20 years of experience, a Stanford PhD in machine learning, and a former Intuit product manager. And along the way, we've picked up more people from engineering, product, design, sales, and taxes.

But now it's time to level up. This is why we need to grow our team, and this is where you come in! If you are intrigued by what you read, keep reading below.

P.S. We are a remote company, but prefer to hire in time zones that can overlap with our HQ in Mountain View, CA.

About the Product Designer role

You'll report to the Product Lead, and serve as an individual contributor (IC). As you move along in your journey at, you can decide whether you want to stay as an IC or eventually move into management.'s goal is to play a key role in helping you achieve your professional near, mid, and long term goals.

In one month, you'll:

  • Learn about the story, how we work, and our goals for the future (vision, strategy, objectives...). You'll also have a deep understanding of's products, and how to demo them to a customer or QA product features.
  • Have 1:1 meetings with your direct manager, teammates, and other colleagues you will be working with closely
  • Start the process of owning the product design process, and working with the squad (product, design, engineering, data)

By month 3, you'll:

  • Have a solid understanding of the industry, customers, and product. You'll be an expert on the nuances of how companies and accountants use our products, and will also be informed by customers, partners, and industry analysis to help develop your point of view.
  • Use your and past experiences to do product discovery and delivery that creates solutions that are valuable, technically feasible, usable, and viable to
  • Set up regular user research with target customers to validate solutions to customer problems with customer research and usability tests
  • Work with engineers to own shipping high quality, delightful solutions to our customers
  • Ship a lot of product improvements and features using the “Good/Better/Best” framework
  • You’ll work with Product Marketing and Sales to position new product launches to generate awareness, demand, and revenue.
  • Contribute new controls or design improvements to our design system to help ensure consistency across products

By month 6, you'll:

  • Impact's growth substantially through your amazing design work
  • Identify and take on initiatives for team growth (both in terms of headcount as well as individual development)
  • Work with your manager to identify a plan of continued growth
  • Closely collaborate with your PM to identify the market opportunity and key requirements for your product area, develop a game plan, and begin execution


A strong candidate:

  • You are comfortable with working on a variety of projects and managing the context switching, and can synthesize multiple perspectives to get the most important thing done.
  • You have experience building products in B2C SaaS and/or B2B Enterprise SaaS for 2+ years. You understand what are the key purchasing factors for both consumers as well as enterprise customers, as well as the different sales cycles.
  • You have 4+ years of product design experience. You are able to autonomously operate as a product designer because of the reps & sets you've developed over the years. You simply need the strategic context and domain knowledge, and you can launch into product discovery & delivery.
  • You can demonstrate the ability to rapidly get up to speed on a new topic or industry. Because the tax industry is one with many details, nuances, and repercussions for non-compliance, it is imperative that you can rapidly develop the domain knowledge (without the domain dogma), thereby achieving true domain expertise.
  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills, including experience presenting to executive stakeholders, communicating your design process in a succinct and effective manner. You are an excellent story teller, and you are able to bring people along the product journey.
  • You are positive, creative, curious, and aren’t afraid to ask a lot of questions. In addition, you don't just think of the surface-level questions, but you're also thinking of questions that allow you to get five-levels deep, to uncover the underlying core reasonings and explanations, leading to product insights that amaze and astound customers.
  • You can take candid feedback well and are looking to grow your skill sets. You believe feedback is a gift, because it helps you improve yourself. And you are low ego; you're simply trying to become better and better with each passing day and experience.
  • You are an expert at gathering and synthesizing multiple perspectives, figuring out the most important thing, and driving the team and all your stakeholders to get it done. Often there will be conflicting positions, but you are able to dig deep, synthesize, and find the best path forward given the existing constraints.
  • You love listening to customers, discussing strategy with colleagues, but also diving into the weeds.
  • You are detail oriented and organized. You keep track of to-do's from meetings with stakeholders and follow up on them. You provide feedback on the product strategy, as well as the colors and placement of a CTA. And you will notice, and fill out completely, all of the application questions, because you pay attention to details. You also understand that the reason it's so long is not to make life harder for applicants, but to genuinely serve them by understanding potential fit before any time is invested into screenings, interviews, etc...
  • Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. We're a start up where you will be empowered to get things done, so show us what you can do with an extreme ownership mindset!
  • You will be working with remote colleagues, but we also value in-person meetings. So, you are willing to travel on occasion to meet with teammates and customers (e.g. product team planning meeting once a quarter).

Bonus (not required, but a plus)

  • You have experience in the accounting or taxes industry
  • You have experience at an early stage, fast moving startup
  • You have experience managing or mentoring people
  • You have experience working in a remote environment with team members in different geographies and time zones


Compensation will consist of the following elements:

  • A cash package in line with a well-funded high-growth company.
  • Equity. Meaningful ownership in a company that has enormous potential.
  • Excellent medical, dental and vision benefits
  • Unlimited PTO is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Applicants Only: External recruiting agency resume submissions will not be accepted.

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