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San Jose, CA


Production Supervisor (EE background)

(A combined position of Production and Technical Support)

1. Arrange production work based on business needs, and ensure on-time delivery of good quality products/services.

2. Perform instrument manufacturing with assembly, debugging, testing, documentation, packing, etc. by following the relevant instructions.

3. Composing and review technical/promotion documents include not limited to Product Manual, Catalog, Brochure, Newsletter, etc.

4. Answer customer questions regarding our products, service, and test results. Provide technical guidance for usage to internal and external customers. Support sales to answer bidding on the technical portion.

5. Be capable of PD Online Monitoring, on-site testing of power system equipment. Provide services to customers including Partial Discharge testing, training, demo via various Medias onsite or remotely.

6. Inventory management including incoming inspection, stock taking, and recording the material consumption.

7. Implement and maintain ISO9001 Quality System. Coordinate with different functions to fulfill the requirements and act as one of the internal auditors.

8. Domestic and International Business Travels are required several times annually with one or two weeks’ advance notice. Each travel may last one or two weeks. The travel will be arranged by following the CDC’s travel restriction and the company’s business needs.

9. This individual will report directly to the Manufacturing Manager and cooperate with other departments such as Sales, Technical Support, R&D, Marketing, etc.

10. Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. It might require long-standing hours and work outside the office settings.

11. Other jobs assigned by upper managers.


  1. Intermediate level with Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (EE) or higher.
  2. Willing to learn new knowledge and improve work efficiency continuously.
  3. Customer-oriented and consider the on-time delivery of good quality products/services as the first priority.
  4. It’s a big plus if having working experiences with the Partial Discharge Testing Instruments Manufacturing, but not required.
  5. Preferably if working with the medium/high voltage power equipment (GIS, Transformers, Switchgear, Power Cables, etc.) and their insulation failures in the past, but not required.
  6. Self-motivated, able to foster teamwork and promote department collaboration and communication;
  7. Good communication skills to coordinate in a diverse team.
  8. Clear oral, and written communication, excellent relationship-building both inside and outside.
  9. Superior planning, well-organized, problem-solving, and exceptional computer skills.
  10. Advanced Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  11. Speaks English at an idiomatic level, and multilingual is preferred, but not required.

Company Description:

Power Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology (PMDT) a high-tech company using cutting-edge technology. PMDT focuses on failure monitoring and diagnostic of power equipment. PMDT develops and uses the leading technology in the industry of power equipment insulation defect detection, especially in the area of partial discharge detection. PMDT manufactures products that can detect and analyze partial discharge signals to evaluate the insulation degradation of high voltage equipment over time such as GIS, Switchgear, Power Cables, and Transformers, etc. PMDT also supplies professional on-site detection services and helps the customers find potential risks and diagnoses the health of the power equipment. PMDT devotes itself to ensure safe power system operations and provides a continuous superior user experience with training classes and onsite demo.