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How would you like to work for a Fortune 5 Company?

If you feel you’re worth more than your salary and have the ability to work harder towards your own dreams than someone else’s, we have an opportunity for you. Let’s face it – health insurance is confusing and difficult to navigate. As Health Advisors, it’s our job to educate people on their options and guide them through the decision-making process based on their unique situation. Agent compensation is unparalleled in the industry:
  • No glass ceiling on commissions or growth within the company
  • 16 Annual Bonuses
  • Exotic Trips
  • Residual Income
  • Free Leads (Not Cold Calling)
  • Able to market/sell in 31 states
In a time where everyone is questioning health care changes, driven agents are needed more than ever. Take control of your life; determine your worth. We are seeking candidates who hold themselves to high standards not only as agents but in all aspects of life. Essential Qualities: We value character traits higher than we value skills and experience. Character traits we are seeking in agents include:
  • Enthusiastic
  • Determined
  • Resourceful
  • Driven
  • Responsible
  • Impassioned
It’s much more challenging to find quality people than skilled people. Skills can be developed; character traits are mostly innate. If you are the type of person who aspires greatness; if you are the type of person who wakes up ready to pursue excellence, then you’re the person we want to interview. Also, if you don’t meet all of the essential skills as described below, but possess good character traits, you are likely qualified for an interview. Essential Skills:
  • Clear oral and written communication demonstrating proper grammar and composition.
  • Sales experience (preferred but not required)
  • Basic understanding of computer operations

Join a team and a company that is recession-proof! NO Experience necessary. We will take care of all your training!

All you need is Work Ethic and Motivation! This is not for the Lazy. We work 10 hours a day and are currently selling in 32 different states. Unlimited Income Potential!

Income Potential:
**1st year Agent Average $65.7k+ ( Top agents that work 60+hrs made $180k+ 1st year)
**2nd Year Agent $100k + Residual ( Top Agents clearing over $240k+ )
**Performance Bonuses (16 Bonuses Annually)
**Residual Income starting 2nd year
** 3 National Sales Awards Trips a year
***Stock Sharing Programs for Retirement Starting Day 2

We have agents in our new office earning $1000 - $4650 per WEEK! (Not per month)
Agents are paid EVERY FRIDAY!

If you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

Requirements (Do not submit a resume if this doesn't fit you!):

•High Personal Integrity and Character

•Excellent Communication Skills

•A Passion for Helping Other People Everyday and do charity events

•Commitment to Excellence with a Winning Attitude

•Coachable and Accountable Team Player

•Work Ethic, Self-Motivation, and a Desire to Succeed

•Have a Reliable Car to work

•Looking for a Career, Not a Job (Just.Over.Broke).

•Have a Laptop or Desktop Computer

We have limited openings available, see what is available in YOUR AREA.
Change your life in 2 weeks, if you don't call, we both lose.