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San Francisco, CA


This role creates thought leading data & cloud security research to our security & risk management clients through published research, conversations with client (Inquiry), stage presentations, teleconferences, and client meetings. It is important that you have a vision for how data & cloud security will evolve worldwide and at a regional level.


What you’ll do:

As a analyst you will meet with clients every day: on the phone, in a video-conference, from the stage at a conference or face-to-face during a sales support visit. In every client interaction analysts help clients solve difficult puzzles that lead to better performance. To support these conversations you will research markets, practices and trends and produce written research for clients to download and apply.

  • Conduct research and analysis in specific areas of expertise targeting client’s key initiatives.
  • Deliver high quality actionable advice through a variety of media.
  • Write high quality, clear, actionable, advisory research documents.
  • Predict how data & cloud security markets are developing, help clients in their selection process and assist vendors in overall market positioning.
  • Remain ahead of the curve on developments and issues within these specified areas as well as applicable adjacent areas.
  • Respond to client questions, create materials for and deliver to clients in person, via teleconference, video conference or webinar and event presentations
  • Maintain the industry leadership reputation by responding to press inquiries
  • Proactively work with the wider sales organization and deliver outstanding sales support in order to retain and grow the business


What you’ll need:

It helps to be obsessed with your topic! Analysts are correctly viewed as THE experts. This means you need to know your markets, vendors, trends, management practices, etc. and be able to see the forest and the trees. Most analysts have many years of experience and enjoy solving puzzles.

  • Subject matter expertise in data & cloud security with the ability to demonstrate understanding of the business applications and opportunities in that market. Knowledge of the global landscape, and the competitive interplay between incumbents, emerging providers, disruptors and outsourcers
  • Expertise in data security solutions, especially data loss prevention, data classification, data security governance, enterprise digital rights management, data masking
  • Knowledge of data security in cloud environments, for example expertise in cloud access security brokers or cloud-native data loss prevention technologies
  • Knowledge of additional cloud security solutions is a plus, for example cloud workload protection platforms, cloud security posture management and other security aspects of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS in public and private clouds, in particular Amazon, Microsoft, Google
  • Demonstrated superior analytical skills, applying conceptual models, recognizing patterns while drawing and defending conclusions. Strong business and financial acumen as well as analytical skills are required for this position
  • Articulate and succinct communication skills. Publishing and Speaking engagements an advantage
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in a research or technology related role
  • Bachelors or equivalent experience, Masters degree preferred
  • Ability to conduct occasional travel, regionally and globally