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Vancouver, WA


Fair Labor Standard Act Status: Non-exempt


On-call position. 4 to 8 hours per day when called - varying shifts and hours. 


We appreciate your interest in employment with Vancouver Public Schools (VPS). All applications are considered and reviewed. The most qualified and competitive applicant(s) that possess directly related experience and expertise, training, and education may be invited to participate in the interview/selection process. As part of the selection process, the District conducts confidential reference checks to include former and present employers and also requires a criminal background investigation. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications received, not all applicants will receive an interview.


Résumés should include education, relevant experience (including current position), and skills which highlight the qualifications of the position to which a person is applying.


All district employees are encouraged to review their personnel file periodically to ensure that their file includes current and relevant documentation that supports their education, experience, training, etc., as it relates to qualifications described on job postings.





  • High school graduation or equivalent and two years experience in security, law enforcement, and/or in a closely-related law enforcement field; or two years of youth intervention experience
  • Training or experience in drug/alcohol abuse awareness preferred
  • Training or experience in working with diverse racial, ethnic, sexually oriented, and cultural groups preferred; or any equivalent combination of education, experience, and training that would provide the applicant with the desired knowledge
  • Valid first aid and CPR certification or ability to obtain within 30 days of hire
  • Possess a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record




  • Ability to work effectively as a team member
  • Ability to work with frequent interruptions
  • Ability to meet tight time constraints and deadlines
  • Regular attendance to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the position to achieve program requirements, goals, and outcomes
  • Ability to utilize enforcement tools to include handcuffs, pepper-spray, baton, tasers, and handguns
  • Ability to maintain control of tense and potentially dangerous situations
  • Ability to chase, physically control, and apprehend suspects
  • Ability to accurately assess emergency situations and prioritize and coordinate responses
  • Ability to evaluate, control, secure, and investigate crime/fire scenes before arrival of law enforcement/fire department
  • Ability to conduct lawful investigations and provide appropriate documentation
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Ability to establish and maintain strong and effective working relationships with staff, students, the public, and law enforcement and fire department personnel
  • Knowledge of criminal laws, search and seizure procedures, and legal process
  • Knowledge of security and safety practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of basic law enforcement procedures
  • Ability to guide and instruct students
  • Ability to demonstrate interview skills
  • Ability to demonstrate security and safety monitoring skills
  • Ability to make effective decisions in a thoughtful and timely fashion
  • Skill in perceiving possible security and safety breaches and the ability to take appropriate action
  • Ability to demonstrate effective self-defense skills
  • Ability to demonstrate effective public relations skills
  • Skill in communicating with individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels
  • Ability to operate two-way radios and other communication devices
  • Ability to operate a computer and use Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Word
  • Ability to communicate security and safety procedures to district staff, parents, and students
  • Ability to use video, camera, and sound equipment
  • Required to be constantly aware of personal safety; risk of attack with weapons; and confrontational situations
  • Required to deal with distraught, angry, or hostile individuals
  • Required to physically restrain students or adults
  • Requires substantial visual concentration and physical dexterity
  • Required to stand or sit for prolonged periods
  • Required to work outdoors in inclement weather
  • Responding to medical emergencies may result in exposure to danger, risk, or infectious disease
  • Required to represent the district on potentially controversial matters
  • Required to be accessible during off-hours in order to return to work for emergencies
  • May be exposed to high noise levels; may be required to lift heavy objects
  • May be required to meet deadlines or work extra and irregular hours 
  • Ability to drive to various district locations




  • Physically intervenes and/or restrains students and/or non-students in a safe manner when necessary
  • Conducts investigations; questions suspects, witnesses, and victims of crimes; assists police with criminal investigations as needed; maintains confidential information as appropriate
  • Completes and submits written incident reports of criminal, security, and safety activity in a timely fashion to supervisor
  • Works with local law enforcement and school district officials to ensure the safety of campuses and individual students
  • Assists in the coordination of response to national or natural emergencies as directed by the district
  • Refers drug, alcohol, and tobacco incidents to proper law enforcement authorities and district administration for discipline and/or intervention and recovery programs
  • Patrols the buildings and grounds during the school day and at school events
  • Observes student activity for substance abuse, theft, vandalism, or other illegal activities
  • Prevents unauthorized access to school grounds by intruders
  • Maintains proficient skills in security techniques; attends and successfully completes mandatory training as directed by the district
  • Gathers information on gang/criminal activities and forwards to the district safety office
  • Provides information to staff and students concerning property protection and safety measures
  • Maintains positive working relationships with students, staff, and outside agencies
  • Ensures proper parking regulations are followed and violators are properly notified
  • Observes and monitors students and visitors entering and leaving campus
  • Greets and assists authorized visitors by providing directions and assistance
  • Maintains safety and security in parking lots
  • Provides security services for student activities and events
  • Treat co-workers, supervisors, students, parents and others with dignity and respect at all times
  • Serve as a positive role model for students, and practices the behaviors that are expected of our students
  • Work in a flexible and cooperative manner