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The Teacher will provide the coordination and supervision of all curriculum and educational learning goals and activities for all clients. They will translate learning goals/outcomes for the children to all medical staff. The teacher will be responsible for planning and implementing a program to teach young children addressing the child’s development, environment, safety and well being. The teacher will be familiar with PPEC and state child care regulations. They will be respectful of children and parents, and ensure that equipment and facilities are clean, safe and well maintained.

1. Provide exceptional customer service and quality instruction.
a. Seeks to provide professional and courteous service to the children and their families and acts as a role
model for other team members. Facilitates all teams and team members to provide this professional and courteous service.
b. Provides proposals and solutions to meet goals and work requirements. Participates in a team effort to fulfill area goals and work requirements.
c. Maintains confidentiality in all situations or interactions.
d. Provides guidance and supervision to team members regarding curriculum and teaching with a positive approach. Works as a team player and works effectively with minimal supervision.
e. Follows chain of command with questions and concerns.
f. Coordinates and arranges teachers meetings with the parents to evaluate child’s needs and learning
2. Conducts sound teaching instruction and utilizes appropriate established guidelines for learning and lesson plans.
a. Demonstrates the ability to utilize and apply appropriate teaching theories and techniques in a child care setting.
b. Demonstrates the ability to provide individualized lesson plans to a child when needed. Teaches all team members this approach by example.
c. Utilizes the appropriate guidelines and information based on the age of the child to foster independence and advancement.
d. Exhibits good assessment, evaluation and observation skills
e. Refers inquiries to the appropriate resource. Keeps Director and/or Program Coordinator informed in advance of all programming and curriculum needs.
f. Obtains prior written authorization from Program Coordinator prior to making any purchases. g. Performs multiple tasks prioritizing these tasks appropriately.
h. Flexible in changes that occur throughout the day including staffing, children, employees and nursing care.
i. Handles emergent situations while remaining calm.

j. Reports situations, special needs, or problems of individual children immediately to Site DON or
3. Documents appropriate information in a timely manner.
a. Performs data entry at the time care/direction/teaching is given.
b. Utilizes proper procedures for all care/direction.
c. Documents all communications with all members of the multidisciplinary team in the child/client’s
medical record.
d. Uses dates, time and signatures appropriately on all documentation.
4. Maintains the following teaching responsibilities:
a. Plans and Implements the daily program, curriculum and lesson plan for all children in the center.
b. When needed develops individual lesson plans, implements individual educational plan for each child,
and discusses this information with the Site Director of Nursing.
c. Coordinates all instruction for the children as directed by the physician, parent, therapist, or Individual
Education Plan (IEP) according to the plan of treatment and care plans.
d. Reports conditions and learning needs of the child to all team members, supervisors, physicians and
parents. Makes daily rounds or more frequently if indicated to gather this information.
e. Supervises all documentation relating to individualized educational plan making sure that it is accurate
and appropriately done in a timely manner.
f. Assesses, evaluates, observes and manages educational and learning systems established in the plan of
g. Comprehends educational theories that require substantial specialized knowledge.
h. Ensures all educational and instruction judgments are made based on holistic aspects of care of the
child. Identifies the needs of the child and family.
i. Assists and coordinates counseling and parents/case conferencing.
j. Maintains a clean, healthful and safe environment including classrooms, storage rooms, and bathrooms.
k. Arranges for field trips, completes the Field Trip Approval / Expense Report and obtains all required
prior authorizations before finalizing as delegated by Program Coordinator.
l. Coordinates with other employees to ensure all supplies, medications, lunches, and necessities are
accounted for and loaded prior to leaving on a field trip as delegated by the Program Coordinator.
m. Submits Field Trip Approval / Expense Report with all receipts to the appropriate supervisors for
approval as delegated by the Program Coordinator.
n. Writes “Thank you” notes for trips in a timely manner.
o. Fosters the family and client to achieve independence.
p. Seeks advice and assistance if needed.
q. Maximizes inclusion activities/programs for each child focusing on social skills and behavior needs while
coordinating educational goals with nursing goals.
5. Maintains professional responsibilities to stay up to date regarding The Kidz Club and all relevant educational or
medical education.
a. Keeps current in the affairs of The Kidz Club through staff meetings and designated communications.
Attends regular staff planning and evaluation meetings.
b. Writes and contributes information or articles for parent newsletter.
c. Records work accurately and appropriately.
d. Attends in-service education including center specific nursing in-services, The Kidz Club corporate inservices
and additional in-services to learn new procedures, applications and updates.
6. Performs other duties as assigned by Program Coordinator or Site Director of Nursing.
7. Follows all policy and procedures implemented by The Kidz Club as applicable to the job or duties assigned and
in relation to the employee handbook.
8. Maintains a current certification in basic life support.

Must have a minimum of one (1) year current experience as a practicing pre-school, special education, or elementary education teacher. One (1) year in care of infants/toddlers preferred. Bachelor’s degree in early, special, or elementary education or related field preferred. Years in the teaching field or equivalent experience will be weighed accordingly. Current negative Tuberculosis skin test (PPD) required. Current CPR (Basic Life Support) required.