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Springfield, IL


Serves to promote constant surveillance of cardiac monitoring and to report all arrhythmias immediately so that life-threatening situations can be prevented or treated. Maintains all telemetry monitoring functions, including calculations of basic information on telemetry strips.

• High school graduate required.

• Certification in cardiac technology by the American Cardiology Association preferred.

• One-to-two years experience in medical field preferred.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
• Successful completion of basic EKG-training during the first two weeks of orientation.

  1. Maintains behavior consistent with philosophy of Memorial Medical Center.

  1. Knows hospital policies and job responsibilities.

  1. Knows line of communication and authority.

  1. Continually observes cardiac monitors, leaving the area only when relieved by qualified, trained personnel.

  1. Analyze and document the patient's heart rhythm every 8 hours for onsite patients and every 12 hours for offsite patients. The analysis will include: documentation of rate, rhythm and ectopy.

  1. Recognition of any changes in rate, rhythm or presence of arrhythmia requiring a telemetry strip to be printed, analyzed, and placed on the patient's chart. The telemetry tech will also notify the RN assigned to the patient of the change and document the arrhythmia on the telemetry worksheet.

  1. Recognition of lethal arrhythmias and STAT notification to the RN assigned to the patient. The event will be documented in the patient's chart.

  1. The patient's heart rate, rhythm will be recorded every 2 hours on the telemetry worksheet.

  1. For offsite telemetry patients, the HR, rhythm, and any ectopy will be documented each shift.

  1. If requested, assists with cardiac monitoring during a stat code.

  1. Notifies the RN responsible for the patient if the telemetry pattern is unreadable.

  1. Understands how to operate telemetry units. Notifies Bio-Medical Engineering and the Nurse Manager of any needed repairs.

  1. Responsible for maintaining cardiac monitors for appropriate: alarm volumes and alarm limits, maintains/updates a log book tracking the location of all telemetry transmitters at all times and assures all telemetry units are retrieved when discontinued.

  1. Cleans the telemetry box for on-site patients. Cleans both the telemetry unit and charger upon receipt from unit for patients with off-site telemetry.

  1. Appropriately files all rhythm strip information each day in the patient's electronic health record.

  1. Initiates telemetry charges/transfer into SMS system.

  1. Monitors telemetry supply needs and provides ordering information to designated supply person for inclusion in weekly supply orders (telemetry monitor paper, electrodes, batteries, pouches, lead wires, labels, flowsheets, etc.).

  1. Provides information as requested to physicians regarding patients' heart rhythm status and arrhythmias over the past 24 hours.

  1. Conforms to dress code specified by nurse manager.

  1. Communicates effectively and diplomatically.

  1. Able to function calmly in stressful situations.

  1. Maintains and respects confidentiality.

  1. Performs other related work as required or requested.