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NOTE: This is an "Open and Continuous" vacancy announcement for eligible applicants to be considered for this position. The Next Steps area of the announcement provides additional information on the referral process for this type of announcement. ****THESE VACANCIES ARE BEING HIRED FOR THE VABHS ENGINEERING SERVICE AND ARE LOCATED AT THE JAMAICA PLAIN CAMPUS***** [ "The incumbent inspects and maintains decentralized boilers and is responsible for the safe operation of the building 2 and building 9 heating plant which consists of three pressurized water-tube boilers, each developing 32,000 pounds of steam per hour for a maximum of 128,000 pounds per hour operating 110-125 psig. The normal fuel supply is natural gas. The operator-repairer follows safety procedures in the lighting off sequences and all boiler-testing procedures. Also operates all support equipment - Condensate Storage Tanks, associated pumps, and air-control systems. Records production, hot water temperatures, makes safety check and records other operating data at hourly intervals as required on the log sheet, changes flow charts, and computes daily use of makeup water, production, and average outside temperature. Performs hourly inspections of operating equipment and records diesel fuel tank levels and diesel fuel usage daily. The position is responsible for Building 2 and Building 9 boiler plant and is responsible for operation of the chiller plants. Ensures that the energy center has coverage when there is a need to leave the Energy Center and at change of shift. Duties include but are not limited to:\n-Maintains proper chemistry control of boiler water, condensate, chilled water, and cooling towers through daily testing and adjust chemical injection and blowdown rates as required.\n-Operates two (2) 1200-ton centrifugal chiller units, one (1) 600-ton centrifugal chiller unit, one (1) 400-ton centrifugal chiller unit, two (2) 300-ton centrifugal chiller units and one (1) 200-ton air cooled units in conjunction with 1 million square feet of water distribution and equipment.\n-Performs hourly checks of all operating equipment in the chiller plant, making shift inspections of the cooling towers and utility tunnels, and checking the bulk oxygen storage facility daily.\n-Maintains a comfortable environment throughout the campus, controlling air-handlers, hot water reheat systems, and chilled water pumps via the American Energy Management (AEM) control system, a PC-based building management system, checking the alarm screen at least hourly.\n-Monitors the fire alarm system, medical gas alarm panel, elevator emergency call system and elevator monitoring computer for Buildings 1, 2 and 9.\n-Performs operator-level preventive and corrective maintenance on chillers, cooling towers, boilers, pumps, steam traps, and other associated equipment.\n-Inspects, adjusts, and repairs all boiler controls safety devices, instrumentation, flow meters, etc and be able to inspect repairs and adjustments made by contractors.\n-Performs major and minor repairs to\nequipment and operate in accordance with VA regulations and directives, ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes, ASHRAE standards, facility policies, and good engineering practice. Work Schedule: Wednesday - Sunday (Shifts include weekends and holidays)\nposition #1 - 07:00 am - 03:30 pm\nposition #2 - 03:00 pm - 11:00 pm\nposition #3 - 11:00 pm - 07:30 am Position Description Title/PD#: Utility Systems Repairer/Operator/PD02705A" ]