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Summary: The Selector picks products in a warehouse environment in order to assemble customer orders.  Completed orders are placed on pallets or in totes and “staged” for Loaders to wrap and load onto the trucks.  Selectors operate power jacks and forklifts to pick product from three different climate areas (dry or ambient, cold, freezer) following work orders that are provided on paper or via a voice pick option (where available).  The products selected may include full pick (cases), master pack (partial case) or unit picks (individual products).  The Selectors must be able to maintain an expected work pace and meet minimum productivity guidelines. The employee may be exposed to freezer temperatures for up to 60 minutes at a time (-20F).  Selectors must locate and reach to pick 75-325 cases/products per hour depending on the region and product area worked.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operate powered industrial trucks (power jack and forklift) to maneuver through the warehouse to locate products for picking.
  • Select and load products from warehouse storage onto pallets or trays following a work or pick order to prepare product loads for shipping to customer locations.
  • Inspect product for quality assurance, including integrity of packaging and visible signs of damage.
  • Apply knowledge of truck weight distribution and capabilities to plan, organize and efficiently stage product for loading.
  • Handle manual wrap wand to wrap pallets.
  • Receive work assignments from central control (via print out or voice pick where available)
  • Perform daily and pre-trip safety checks on all equipment.
  • Apply knowledge of product location to efficiently gather all products for route or load.
  • Utilize pick hooks, 5th wheel hooks, and box cutters to retrieve products or maneuver trays.
  • Identify pick type according to the work order to plan.
  • Communicate with fellow employees for safe transport of goods throughout the warehouse.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Change power jack battery.
  2. Maintain clean work environment, which may include picking up trash or cleaning spills.
  1. Other duties may be assigned to fulfill DPI’s objectives.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:   The employee must be proficient in English and basic math skills.  A high school diploma or equivalent is required.  Freight packing experience is preferred.   Experience as a certified powered industrial truck (PIT) operator is preferred.  Employee must be able to be certified for PIT operation by DPI.

Work Environment:The work environment is indoors. The employee may be exposed to variable temperatures from the three different product climates (dry, cold, freezer).  The floors may be concrete. Moderate noise levels occur in the warehouse with powered industrial truck horns operating for safety.

Work Hours:  The work schedule is either 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, or 4 days a week, 10 hours a day.  Start times vary.  Work hours and shifts are subject to change depending on operating business conditions and needs.  The employee may be required to work overtime, holidays or weekends.

Physical and Mental Demands:  Medium to heavy, with occasional exertion of 20 to 50 pounds of force, and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force frequently. On an infrequent basis the employee lifts up to 70 pounds of bulk product. This may not occur on a daily basis. This job also requires constant standing and walking.  The employee must know and follow proper safety protocols; know and follow DPI grooming, hygiene and dress code standards; know and apply principles of truck weight distribution, product loads and spatial relations to effectively and safely stage products for loading; perform basic mathematic functions to calculate load staging.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  None

About the Company

DPI Specialty Foods

Who We Are

DPI Specialty Foods is a sales, marketing and logistics provider with a range of over 40,000 sku’s in all temperature ranges. DPI provides sales and services to national retailers, regional retailers, independent operators and foodservice providers through 8 distribution centers strategically located across the United States.

 Our Story

At DPI, we have a passion for good food – the kind that becomes a delectable success for manufacturer and retailer alike.  From modest beginnings decades ago, DPI has built on this passion to become a leading value added specialty food distributor.  Today DPI supplies over 40,000 SKUs comprised of perishable and non-perishable food items from five continents.  The team at DPI brings unique market niche and retail experience to create exciting programs, tailored for each retailer’s individual needs.  These programs have a proven track record of delivering sales growth.

Our Mission

DPI is dedicated to driving sustainable long term growth for our customers. This is achieved through a unique combination of a broad range of specialty foods combined with a highly focused service model. DPI continues to build an incredible network of national and international vendors who invest with DPI to ensure that its consumers enjoy the benefit of exciting marketing programs. DPI’s national network of distribution centers ensures an effectively managed supply chain and maximizes speed to market.



Company Size

2,000 to 2,499 employees


Wholesale Trade/Import-Export

Employee Benefits

Military Leave, Professional Development, Paid Holidays, Flexible Spending Accounts, Long Term Disability, Free Food and Coffee, Vacation/paid time off, Merchandise Discounts, Life Insurance, Employee Events, Paid sick days, Mobile Phone Discount, Prescription Drug Coverage, Employee Referral Program, Medical, Dental and Vision, 401K