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Integral Resources Inc

Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX, US
Frisco, TX
18 days ago

** 100% Remote Work. Get paid for work volunteers used to do! **

Who are we?

Integral Resources has been doing fundraising for Democrats, Progressive organizations, and non-profit organizations for more than 30 years. We make outbound phone calls to raise money for candidates like Raphael Warnock, Jay Inslee, Barack Obama, and Jon Ossoff. We fight for causes like gun control with Gabby Giffords and the Giffords PAC. We also make phone calls for worthy nonprofit organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. 

What do we do and why do we do it?

We make outbound calls to raise the money needed to fuel US House, US Senate, and Presidential campaigns. We also raise the money nonprofit organizations are relying on to complete their missions.

Why would you want to apply?

Don't just get a new job, get trained to be a professional fundraiser

You get to make a difference every day

We are looking for fundraisers of all backgrounds, no experience needed

We want to hire you if you are older, younger, overqualified, or never worked

We need help raising the money our clients use to influence elections

We only work for groups dedicated to equality from income to gender

Are you right for the job?

Do you like to talk to people?

Can you be persistent?

You have to have the ability to read

Basic computer skills are a must!

Do you have a quiet area to work from?

What do we offer?

Hourly pay at $10.50 per hour (this is a regular W2 job)

Paid every Friday (direct deposit or pay cards available)

Additional bonus opportunities every time you work

Make you own schedule, work the days you want to work

You never have to work on any holiday (unless you want to)

Benefits available after 90 days to those eligible

Room to advance (every director in the company, and the CEO, all started as callers)

What about equipment? Many already have everything they need to get started!

1) A computer and a webcam (A desktop, laptop, or Chromebook would be fine. You will only need a webcam for live training on Zoom. You can also join the Zoom meeting from your camera phone if you don’t have a webcam!)

2) The ability to have a hardwired internet connection (Just meaning, you cannot use your Wi-Fi, you have to use your Ethernet cord to hook up your computer to your modem or router)

3) Headset with a built-in microphone

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