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Boeing Overview The largest aerospace company in the world, Boeing serves airlines and government customers in 150 ...

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Boeing Overview

The largest aerospace company in the world, Boeing serves airlines and government customers in 150 countries. Boeing is also one of the largest defense contractors in the world, supplying military aircraft, weapons, defense systems, satellites, and communication systems as well as commercial aircraft. After turning an old shipyard into an airplane manufacturing plant in 1910, William E. Boeing incorporated the company as Pacific Aero Products Co in 1916. As of 2015, Boeing has more than 165,000 employees spread across 65 countries. In 2014, Boeing had sales of $90.78 billion. Boeing currently ranks 27th on the "Fortune 500" list.

Boeing Job Opportunities

According to Boeing's employment data, the commercial airplanes division accounts for most of the company's jobs, employing nearly 85,000 people. Prospective Boeing jobs in the commercial aircraft category include manufacturing manager, supply chain specialist, guidance navigation and control engineer, and industrial engineer.

The defense, space, and security category accounts for the second-largest number of Boeing jobs, with about 50,000 workers. Of course, the defense division also needs all kinds of engineers, from software engineers to manufacturing engineers. The last major division of the company is its corporate category, which includes its shared services group as well as engineering, operations, and technology.

Boeing Work Culture

Boeing prides itself on having some of the most diverse and innovative employees in the world. Boeing includes diversity and inclusion among its corporate values, emphasizing a collaborative work environment and the unique strengths of each employee. To further employees' professional development, Boeing encourages workers to cross-train in different areas.

In addition to promoting the health and wellness of its own workers, Boeing regularly engages in philanthropy, volunteering and donating resources and financial support to education and other noble causes. Finally, Boeing remains committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has partnered with research institutions, customers, and governments to solve the environmental problems the worlds faces today.

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