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AT&T Overview The name AT&T takes its origins back to 1885 with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. ...

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AT&T Overview

The name AT&T takes its origins back to 1885 with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Throughout its long history, AT&T has had many subsidiaries (including the Bell Telephone Company), a government sanctioned monopoly on phone services, and has been the largest phone service provider several times during the last century. Today, AT&T Inc. is the result of SBC Communications Inc. purchasing the company AT&T Corp., and using AT&T's well-known branding for the giant operation.

AT&T's reported revenue for 2014 was $132.4 billion. The company provides far more services than just telephone systems now, including high-speed Internet, television services, business services, and more. DIRECTV and Cricket Wireless are two of many well-known subsidiaries.

AT&T Job Opportunities

With such a wide range of services, job opportunities at AT&T fall into many categories and divisions. Opportunities as technicians run the gamut from installing AT&T U-Verse or DIRECTV services to making service and repair calls. For those who would like to provide customer service in other ways, AT&T has a number of call centers that need passionate people who are talented at making connections with customers.

Along with numerous retail opportunities, AT&T also employs professionals in research, development, and technology, and in its corporate offices. Every aspect of AT&T's products and services, from mobile service to new apps, needs to be developed and tested. Combine that with the marketing, finance, and legal departments at corporate headquarters to understand just how many career opportunities AT&T truly has.

AT&T Work Culture

AT&T offers professional development for its employees, including courses at their AT&T University. Employees have a number of development and growth opportunities based in education and new training opportunities. Customer service is a main focus for many AT&T professionals and teams. Innovation and new technology are also at the forefront of the company's focus.

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