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Brink's Overview Brink's leads the world in security services for banks, financial institutions, retailers, jewelry ...

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Brink's Overview

Brink's leads the world in security services for banks, financial institutions, retailers, jewelry industries, pharmaceutical companies and more. Services include cash management, armored transportation, valuables transportation, money processing and more.

Brink's was founded in 1859 in Chicago, where business and transportation were both booming. During its first century, the company saw many highlights, including becoming the only package and money delivery company for the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and implementing some of the first armored cars in the 1920s.

Brink's began international expansion in 1961 and air courier service in 1962. The company maintains a large international presence in Latin America where it operates a bill collection service, in China where it offers physical security services, in India and Russia where it owns armored car services and in France where it has proprietary control of money processing software.

Today Brink's is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. It employs over 70,000 people in about 1,100 facilities around the world. The company operates a fleet of over 13,000 vehicles in 100 countries. Its annual revenue is nearly $4 billion.

Brink's Job Opportunities

Driver messengers take on the responsibility for an armored car and its contents. They pick up, deliver and reconcile valuables. They maintain complete control over a shipment. They protect shipments and colleagues from attack, while also preventing loss. Driver messengers must be comfortable enforcing rules and maintaining high levels of integrity. They should be attentive and trustworthy, as well as possess excellent attention to detail.

Tellers, cashiers and clerks verify deposit amounts and prepare orders for financial institutions and private clients. They are responsible for processing transactions, completing data entry and reporting on inventory. These professionals must have great integrity and attention to detail. Prior experience with bookkeeping or with ledgers is important.

Vault processors verify inbound and outbound liability, generate daily records and reports, and monitor machine and process performance. They must be comfortable enforcing protocol and working in an armed environment. Vault processors should have flawless ethics and integrity, along with experience with cash handling or account reconciliation. They must also have a firearm permit or be able to pass a related exam.

Brink's Work Culture

Brink's foundation lies in trust and reliability. Companies and organizations in dozens of countries around the world trust Brink's, and much of that goes back to the dependable, ethical and efficient qualities instilled in employees. Brink's core values include accountability, trust and customer focus.

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