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CentiMark Overview CentiMark is the largest commercial flooring and roofing contractor in North America. Some of the ...

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CentiMark Overview

CentiMark is the largest commercial flooring and roofing contractor in North America. Some of the services they provide include roof repairs, roof replacement, floor repairs, floor replacement emergency services, accessories and a variety of others. The company uses products that are made in America, so clients and employees can feel proud of the fact that they support the local economy. CentiMark also offers warranty services for customers, which can be customized and/or extended to suit any need.

Staff members with CentiMark receive detailed training courses which teach and promote safety practices to prevent injury and accidents. In 1967, Edward B. Dunlap started D&B Laboratories, which made industrial cleaning products. A year later, he started Northern Chemical Company, where employees also offered roofing and flooring maintenance. The company grew quickly over the next few years, with each decade bringing substantially higher revenue. In 2012, they reached an annual revenue of $500 million. The headquarters are in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

CentiMark Job Opportunities

Candidates who have experience with roofing and flooring contracting can find great employment opportunities with CentiMark. They seek qualified and skilled contractors who can work in their various offices around the country. There are also jobs available to those who don't work on the construction or contracting side of the business, such as those in marketing, quality assurance, customer service, office management, safety inspection and management of client accounts.

They have offices in Denver, Colorado; Lakeland, Florida; Stow, Ohio; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Duluth, Georgia; Indianapolis, Indiana; Grimes, Iowa; and several locations in Texas, as well as several other cities. The company has a long reputation of excellent service and high quality products, so they seek staff members who will maintain this reputation.

CentiMark Work Culture

The work culture at CentiMark places a high value on safety throughout every aspect of a job. When a new employee starts work, he or she receives a lengthy training program that discusses how to stay safe, even when working on the top of a building to replace or repair a roof. Employees also use heavy machinery and tools, so they receive training in how to use these as well before starting work. The safety program offered by CentiMark exceeds industry requirements and standards. The company values its staff, which is why it cares so much about the safety of each individual. Those who want to work for an innovative and ever-expanding company will appreciate CentiMark.

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