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CNO Services Company Information

CNO Overview CNO Financial Group was previously known as Conceco, Inc. and is a financial services company. The ...

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CNO Overview

CNO Financial Group was previously known as Conceco, Inc. and is a financial services company. The company is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana and started in 1979. After three years, the company started providing insurance to clients, which has since become a key part of their business. Independent agents sell insurance products, or consumers can purchase directly from CNO. In 2014, Forbes ranked CNO in the top 50 most trusted financial institutions. It is also the parent company for two other major companies, Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company and Bankers Life and Casualty Company. The revenue in 2014 was $4.1 billion, putting the company at #608 on the Fortune 1000 list as well.

CNO Job Opportunities

For those with experience in selling insurance to clients, there are many job opportunities for agents with CNO. These jobs involve understanding various available policies and discussing pros and cons of each with interested customers. In the main office in Carmel, there are also job opportunities in various departments, including finance/accounting, human resources, administration, and underwriting. Since there is a large sales team employed by CNO, the company also looks for experienced leaders who can manage these team members and increase business. Jobs are available with CNO throughout their branch locations around the country.

CNO Work Culture

The company encourages all staff members to work in accordance with the four core values: integrity, teamwork, customer-focus, and excellence. Those in charge of making business decisions both in the past and in the future use these values to motivate change and improve overall experience for employees and clients. Candidates who want to work for CNO Financial Group should understand the need to work well in a team setting, as this is an important aspect of finding success in jobs at their many branch and office locations.

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