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Coca Cola Company Information

Coca-Cola Overview Coca-Cola is one of the biggest beverage marketing and production companies in the world, offering ...

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Coca-Cola Overview

Coca-Cola is one of the biggest beverage marketing and production companies in the world, offering delicious and refreshing drinks to people around the globe. Their drink portfolio includes all types of non-alcoholic sodas, teas, fruit drinks, sports drinks, juices, energy drinks and coffees. In 2010, the company changed their name from Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. to Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc.

Coca-Cola started in 1944 in Atlanta, Georgia, where the company still has the headquarters, where visitors can shop for Coca-Cola products, drinks and other unique gifts. They employ 70,000 people in their various locations around the country. Coca-Cola Refreshments sells approximately 1.8 billion drinks per day.

Coca-Cola Job Opportunities

Coca-Cola Refreshments has many different career opportunities at bottling and distributing plants throughout Northern America. Employees can start out as merchandisers, which involves assembling displays of products, or blenders, which involves order processing, packaging and sanitizing work areas. These and other entry-level jobs typically don't require a formal education, and will include training on the job. Those with experience in construction and working with heavy machinery can work as lift operators or technicians to make sure that equipment is working properly. There are many job opportunities in transportation, which involves moving and delivering drinks to various resellers around the country.

Employees also have opportunities to advance their careers in the company, with openings for management positions as warehouse supervisors and fleet managers or in manufacturing and other areas. The company also has high level positions available in finance, accounting and business operations.

Coca-Cola Work Culture

Coca-Cola offers a fun work atmosphere for employees who are passionate about enjoyable and refreshing beverages. The company believes in three main excellence mandates: accountability, customer focus and team drive. They offer a family-inspired atmosphere for employees, where each person is treated respectfully, with encouragement and inspiration. Each employee can receive recognition for achievements and successes, providing a better work environment where success is cause for celebration and rewards.

The company also places a strong emphasis on customer service, so each vendor and seller of Coca-Cola products has an excellent experience with the sales and manufacturing teams. Each staff member will enjoy working in a positive and passionate work environment where growth is encouraged and available to all.

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