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Cognizant Technology Overview Cognizant Technology provides information technology, consulting and business ...

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Cognizant Technology Overview

Cognizant Technology provides information technology, consulting and business outsourcing services. Its services include everything from systems integration and application development to data warehousing and application maintenance.

Cognizant was originally an internal technology division at Dun & Bradstreet, the commercial data corporation. In 1996, Cognizant began to work with external clients and grew exponentially from there. Today its annual revenue is over $8.8 billion.

Cognizant Technology is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey and maintains over 50 delivery centers around the world. It employs over 187,000 people globally. A Fortune 500 company, it is also one of the fastest growing and top performing global companies.

Cognizant Technology Job Opportunities

Project managers are always in demand in many areas at Cognizant Technology. Excellent project managers have experience in release management, a good working knowledge of relevant software platforms and information technology systems and great communication and leadership skills. They must maintain schedules and monitor progress.

Security architects build computer networks with an emphasis on security. They should have an advanced working knowledge of security standards and infrastructure, as well as experience with network vulnerabilities and emergency remediation. Security architects should have enthusiasm for detail and challenging projects.

Software developers should excel in data integration, component development and process development and deployment. They are responsible for documenting and communicating processes and results to colleagues. Software developers should have several years of work experience with the relevant software platform.

Quality assurance testers work in many areas within Cognizant Technology, including insurance practice and healthcare. Quality assurance testers execute software tests, transform requirements into test scenarios and document results. They should be familiar with relevant systems and have excellent communication and collaboration skills. Quality assurance testers may work equally with onsite and offshore colleagues.

Business development analysts identify market trends and solutions that can be implemented in a variety of financial services. They are problem solvers and internal communicators. Business development analysts should have extensive experience applying analytics in a financial services field, as well as the ability to sell solutions.

Cognizant Technology Work Culture

Cognizant Technology aims to attract the top global talent while creating a diverse workforce worldwide. Employees are the key to the company's impressive service and growth, and the company gives back to exceptional employees with advanced career support, training and education. Cognizant Academy is the company's in-house training center that ensures employees are on the cutting edge of their industry.

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