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Doherty Employment Group Company Information

Doherty Employment Group Overview The Doherty Employment Group is a human resources outsourcing company that serves ...

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Doherty Employment Group Overview

The Doherty Employment Group is a human resources outsourcing company that serves companies and organizations all over the country, although it primarily does business in North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. It strives to help companies streamline the process of finding and hiring quality employees. It also helps small business grow and thrive. It handles a vast array of human resources outsourcing services.Other businesses benefit from the services offered by the Doherty Employment Group because it alleviates the high costs of dealing with many human resources concerns in-house. This group helps a company manage employment compliance, employee training, payroll processing, the administration of benefits and risk management, among other services.

Doherty Employment Group Job Opportunities

The Doherty Employment Group is a large business that increasingly hires employees as it grows and as other employees transition within the company or leave the business altogether.A variety of jobs frequently become available at the Doherty Employment Group, too. It is known for promoting and helping employees grow the career they want within the company. So, even if you see a job that's available that isn't exactly what you want to do on a long-term basis, it may be worth applying and speaking to the company about your ultimate goals.

Doherty Employment Group Work Culture

Since it was founded in 1980, the Doherty Employment Group has been through a great deal of changes in the way it does business, as it aspires to stay ahead of the current trends in technological advances within multiple industries. The Doherty Group has continued to promote is its laidback, supportive company culture. The management makes it a point to know employees as individuals and help them excel in the areas they hope to work in.As the Doherty Employment Group says in its values statement, the company's business is people. Teamwork is extremely important as part of the work culture. Listening, speaking and acting in a supportive way with one another is essential as an employee. There is a great emphasis and respect for individuals.

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