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GDKN Corporation Overview GDKN Corporation is a global technology services firm that offers a range of fully ...

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GDKN Corporation Overview

GDKN Corporation is a global technology services firm that offers a range of fully integrated IT services across a range of platforms and industries. The company started in 1993, with headquarters in Toronto, India, and Pembroke Pines, Florida. When a company, whether large or small, has a business challenge related to IT, web presence, online marketing, or other similar problem, GDKN Corporation can step in and resolve issues quickly and effectively. They start by consulting with the department head, then determining the needs of that specific area.

They offer services to companies throughout the world, through a global infrastructure that is durable for all users across many different platforms. They currently serve industries such as defense, electricity, gas, utilities, telephone, banking, and financial institutions. Businesses that need to update their web presence or various online marketing strategies can also rely on the services of GDKN Corporation.

GDKN Corporation Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities with GDKN Corporation, especially for those with experience in IT. Candidates who are just starting out in their careers can find employment in the call centers, providing customer service to clients throughout the world. Those with management experience can also work as project managers, coordinators, developers, and supervisors in the various departments in the company. Engineers can work for GDKN Corporation in CAD operations and other areas of development, which provides an opportunity to learn about the industry before diving in. There are offices in Texas, Colorado, Utah, Florida, Kentucky, Washington, Wisconsin, and Ohio, as well as other states and countries around the globe.

GDKN Corporation Work Culture

The work culture at GDKN Corporation is one where employees have opportunities to learn, grow, and advance their careers. Each staff member receives continuous training to improve consulting and technical skills, which provides a better overall experience for every client. Those who aren't willing to continue to learn and grow in a career may not enjoy the fast-paced and innovative atmosphere at GDKN Corporation. Another important trait of a successful GDKN Corporation employee is the ability to listen and take criticism. They encourage an open-door policy with their clients, so if someone has a question or concern, they welcome feedback and interaction.

Working for GDKN Corporation is a great opportunity for employees who want a positive and growth-focused environment that provides room to grow and move up in a career path.

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