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National Security Agency (NSA) Job Overview The National Security Agency, or NSA, is the United States government ...

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National Security Agency (NSA) Job Overview

The National Security Agency, or NSA, is the United States government agency responsible for monitoring global communication and information for the purposes of intelligence and counterintelligence. Jobs at the NSA cover a range of fields, including computer science, foreign languages, domestic and international law, security, education, communication, logistics, and administration.

While a great deal of information about the NSA is classified, the agency is estimated to employ approximately 30,000 people across more than 20 campuses and facilities.

NSA Job Opportunities

Salary information for jobs at the NSA is classified. However, applicants interested in jobs at the NSA can use available information as a guide.

Two examples of NSA job titles are Information Security Analyst and Operational Research Analyst.

Information Security Analysts are responsible for protecting an organization's networks and information from cyber attack. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Information Security Analysts earn an average annual salary of $88,890. Job growth for this position is estimated at 18 percent through 2024, which is significantly higher than average. Candidates typically need a degree and previous experience in a related field.

Operational Research Analysts use mathematical methodology to predict, identify, and solve complex issues. The average annual salary is $76,660, according to the BLS, and projected job growth through 2024 is a sizable 30 percent. While entry-level positions may be available to candidates with bachelor's degrees in computer science, engineering, analytics, and other quantitative fields, advanced degrees are required for more senior positions.

NSA Job Work Culture

Employees at the NSA must be able to comply with strict confidentiality requirements in exchange for doing work that has a direct impact on national security. Because the NSA is always working to anticipate the next challenge, the culture is very future-focused. The agency also prides itself on hiring only the very best people, so the atmosphere is challenging and innovative.

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