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Professional Placement Partners Company Information

Professional Placement Partners Overview Professional Placement Partners is one of the leading staffing agencies for ...

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Professional Placement Partners Overview

Professional Placement Partners is one of the leading staffing agencies for the medical market in the country. It provides staffing services for all types of offices, businesses and even corporate home office options. Primarily, PPP focuses on the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, recruiting top talent in sales, marketing, regulatory affairs and agencies. Many of the recruiters have done the jobs that they find placements for, making them experienced in identifying skill-sets and qualifications.

PPP has more than 40 clients and has recruiters based across the country. It's a small company with a limited staff, but finds employees for hundreds of jobs each year. The company prides itself on truly understanding the industry and filtering employees as if they were in the position to hire themselves. Their motto, "The difference IS experience," sums up the skills, drive and goals found in their office.

Professional Placement Partners Job Opportunities

Sales representatives are almost always needed by PPP. These people go on to represent Pharmaceutical companies and maintain relationships with different medical institutions to encourage the sale of their products. The sales representative needs to be self-motivated and organized to work autonomously and have scientific discussions with doctors, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals. This means that a background in medicine or medical sales experience is crucial, as this is a more niche field than regular sales.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives who show exceptional drive and organizational skills can move up to become sales managers. These people need to have a strong background in medical sales in order to train, motivate and assign different regional representatives. Employees in this position must be able to evaluate the performance of people working under them and ensure sales goals for the region are met. They must also collaborate to set new sales goals and enhance sales techniques across the board. Candidates with strong critical thinking skills are optimal.

Professional Placement Partners Work Culture

Recruiters on the PPP staff all have strong backgrounds in medicine, and most have 10-25 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals or medical sales. This experience gives PPP employees the know-how to choose top candidates who have the right soft skills for the job.

This small group of recruiters works together toward a common goal of growing the company and providing the best medical recruiting skills in the nation. Those who join its team should be expected to work with passionate individuals who are strongly invested in their jobs.

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