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Safeway Overview

Safeway, America's second-largest chain of supermarkets, has origins dating back a century. In 1915, a small-town businessman took over his father's grocery store and grew it into a national company. Today, Safeway has an annual revenue of over $36 billion, employs more than 265,000 people nationwide and has 1,300 Safeway stores with locations in 19 states.

In 2014, Cerberus Capital Management bought Safeway, and in 2015, the parent company merged Safeway and Albertsons, increasing the number of grocery store locations (under several names, including Vons and Carrs) in the U.S. to over 2,300 in 33 states.

Safeway Job Opportunities

The most plentiful job opportunities at Safeway exist in the grocery stores themselves. From retail clerks to store managers, customer-facing jobs to stocking jobs, positions in Safeway stores are available for job seekers with little experience and job seekers with leadership and management experience. There are also jobs in the pharmacy department, including pharmacist or technician roles. As one of the grocery chains offering home delivery, Safeway stores also employ drivers to deliver groceries.

Safeway also needs office support staff, management, drivers and warehouse workers in their distribution and manufacturing centers. For professionals interested in marketing, legal and human resources, corporate headquarters is the place to search for a Safeway career.

Safeway Work Culture

Within Safeway stores, customer service is the main focus. Providing top quality products and a positive customer experience are key. Safeway offers development and additional training to employees who wish to advance, and the company recognizes that good employees lead to good customer service. Safeway offers a Professional and Career Education Program and a Learning & Leadership Development Program, both of which are designed to offer current employees the chance to gain new skills and knowledge that will help them move into higher positions.

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